Iowa State to play Villanova in Connecticut this December

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2022-23 WBB Non-Conference Schedule

Nov. 24 - Phil Knight Invitational (Portland) - field includes Michigan State, North Carolina, Oregon
Nov. 27 - Phil Knight Invitational (Portland)
Dec. 7 (likely date) - at Iowa
Dec. 18 - vs. Villanova (Hall of Fame Showcase at Mohegan Sun)

Big 12/SEC Challenge
vs. Drake
at UNI

Ranking B12 coaches ...

#3 - Campbell and Iowa State entered last year with the highest of expectations after returning a number of players from a team that reached the Big 12 Championship Game. Instead, the Cyclones went 7-6, losing in the Cheez-It Bowl, and Campbell fell three spots. This is still a high national ranking for him, and Iowa fans will certainly point out that it’s one spot ahead of Hawkeyes coach Kirk Ferentz, who owns a perfect record against Campbell’s Iowa State teams. The Cyclones have significantly lower expectations this year, at least outside the program, which means Campbell can do what he does best: surprise.

The X-Pod: Featuring Anthony Johnson

X's debut interview. He's going to be so good at this. Enjoy the pod.

On That Note: I put a S.P.E.L.L. on You

Welcome back to “On That Note,” Cyclone Fanatic’s weekly music exploration, hosted by @MeanDean, @CycloneRulzzz and cyclones500.

This segment has thematic (but indirect) connection to Scripps National Spelling Bee, which opens May 31.

Primary focus: Songs containing lyrics that are spelled. It may be prominent (chorus/refrain) or an isolated line. (The spell-out may include commonly abbreviated words).

: To expand possibilities a bit, we also accept song titles that contain abbreviations.

Not allowed: Random songs by bands with initialized names (we covered that recently at OTN). If an "initials" band has a song that fits the premise, the song counts, of course.

Optional: Unless the spell-out is an obvious part of the track, note the reference & approximate time of occurrence (if it’s isolated).

Here’s a classic example to get us S-P-E-L-L-B-O-U-N-D.

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Nebraska football's red balloon tradition suspended

One of college football's greatest traditions - watching with delight as Nebraska fans hold on to their red balloons for an awkwardly long time until their offense finally gets on the board - will be suspended this season. Trev Alberts cited helium shortages and sanctions against Russia as the primary culprits, but deep down I'm sure he's a little relieved to be rid of such a visible reminder of the program's failures.

Golf physics question

Simple question: How do you hit a draw that starts to the right of the target and curves back towards the target?

In order to do that, you have to have an open clubface to the target at impact, and your swing path has to be on a path even more "in to out" (to the right) than your clubface is pointing..... correct?

I always have swung in to out, but had my clubface pointed to the target. That will produce a draw, however, the ball will start out towards the target and draw away from the target, which you don't want.

I just have difficulty swinging with an open clubface when trying to draw it. Seems so wrong.

SEC will talk about having its own playoff

"How it could play out is the SEC having an eight-team playoff after its regular season. Afterward, the SEC Playoff winner could play another team for the National Championship. How that other team would be determined is another unknown. It might be the Big Ten champion, as CFB becomes dominated by a ‘Power Two.’"

Thought this was an interesting article.

Jared’s Article On Safety Room

Jared, I think you skipped Trevon Howard—already on campus for Spring ball.

Tarique Milton Lands at Texas - your thoughts?

I. It will be that much sweeter to beat their ass yet again.
II. I never thought I would see the day when TX goes after someone who played at ISU, then had to leave ISU b/c of playing time.

In all seriousness I am happy for the kid but wished he would have landed at a school where he doesn't have to play ISU. That smells off to me. I hope the TX starters spend their offseason game planning around the NIL deals, and hardly at all on their physical development and team development. Worst culture in P5 football. Most underachieving program in all of P5 football.

Car Tires

Younger daughter has a 2009 Jeep Liberty, 106k miles, in decent shape, except for the tires. It's strictly an in-town car, she takes wifey's car or mine anytime she'll be driving 65+ on a highway/interstate. We're going to have this car one more year until she goes to college. Quote for new tires is $800+. That's a lot of cheddar and free new tire mileage to be giving away on a car that we'll have for probably <3,000 miles. Guy I work with suggested buying used tires, I didn't even know that was a thing. What would you do?

Williams & Blum Pod: Omaha Biliew, Saban vs. Jimbo & the future of ESPN


[Plumbing Question] Low Hot Water Pressure.

Hey guys,
Need some help. Just bought a house that is over 100 years old and there is one problem: the hot water pressure is low.

Some other important information:
  • Cold water pressure is normal
  • Galvanized piping in the house
  • New water heater
  • There’s “jerry rigged” piping right in before or after the hot water heater.
What would guy recommend I try to get the water pressure back to normal?

2022 NCAA Softball

Norman#1 OklahomaTexas A&M (R2)Minnesota (R3)Prairie View (R4)
Tallahassee#2 Florida StateSouth Florida (R3)Miss. State (R2)Howard (R4)
BlacksburgKentucky (R2)#3 Virginia TechMiami Ohio (R3)Saint Francis (R4)
Fayetteville#4 ArkansasOregon (R2)Wichita State (R3)Princeton (R4)
Los Angeles#5 UCLALoyola Marymount (R3)Ole Miss (R2)Grand Canyon (R4)
TuscaloosaStanford (R2)#6 AlabamaChattanooga (R4)Murray State (R3)
Stillwater#7 Oklahoma StateNebraska (R2)North Texas (R3)Fordham (R4)
Tempe#8 Arizona StateSan Diego State (R3)CS Fullerton (R4)LSU (R2)
Evanston#9 NorthwesternMcNeese (R3)Notre Dame (R2)Oakland (R4)
Clemson#10 ClemsonAuburn (R2)Louisiana (R3)UNC Wilmington (R4)
Knoxville#11 TennesseeOregon State (R3)Ohio State (R2)Campbell (R4)
Durham#12 DukeLiberty (R3)Georgia (R2)UMBC (R4)
SeattleTexas (R2)#13 WashingtonLehigh (R4)Weber State (R3)
Gainesville#14 FloridaGeorgia Tech (R2)Wisconsin (R3)Canisius (R4)
ColumbiaArizona (R3)#15 MissouriMissouri State (R4)Illinois (R2)
Orlando#16 UCFMichigan (R2)VILL/SDSU SUSPENDED

# = national seed, regional top seed, regional host
(R2) = regional seed

Saturday's order of play:
1-0 vs 1-0
0-1 vs 0-1 (elimination game)
1-1 vs 1-1; Loser of first game vs winner of second game (elimination game)