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  • Thanks for the like and rep. I just listened to the second half of Pollard's comments to find this. There's more about things other than football.
    Your computer is just constipated. My Toshiba began acting the same way at about the same age. I installed and run these two programs at least weekly. The computer works beautifully now. - CleanUp! Home

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    - that lady you are talking about was married to my first cousin james(jimmy )gleason-little joe is joe gleason who is my second cousin. my second cousin purchased part of the gleason farm and joe purchased the home place.
    james pased away in 1986 . .i think
    jim and verla had three children.

    verla remarried the vet that you r talking about. they left scranton and moved to illinois.verla had some health problems and passed away . i think she passed away 2-4 years back.i did not ever meet he vet husband. verla was a charming lady.

    they had a thread about the allbaugh family and coach rhoads a few days back-about donations to iowa state and possibly being a friend of coach rhoads. i think he owns several patents and i think he owns the patent on roundup and several other agricultural patents. i also think he has been big in the fertilizer business,too.
    he has his own golf course in ankeny and his closest buddy at iowa state is johnny orr.

    kindest regards,
    bruce eason
    thanks for the nice comments.working in the sororities and the women's dorms was a great place to meet chicks.
    ma hittle worked in the friley food service for years. her sister worked and was in charge of food service for the isu women's foodservice. we used to serve about two
    formal dinners a week-wednesday evening and the noon meal on sunday-them dan women were always trying to stick their feet out and trying to trip you as you carried out the trays of food when you were serving them.
    have a great week-
    woodie alias dr. bruce eason originally from scranton,iowa
    thanks for the nice comment.woodie alias dr. bruce eason originally from scranton,iowa.
    working in the dorms and waiting tables in the sororities was a good place to meet chicks!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks. I realize that. It is just a sensitive thing with me. And no, Dr. Hilton did not literally build Hilton, but it he was the one who proposed it and everyone thought he was nuts. Dr. Hilton still had an office in Hilton the first few years it was opened. I was the office manager at the time and was fortunate enough to have a lot of contact with him. A very interesting man who love ISU.
    That is very funny about Rob. I spent many nights in that place chatting with him and putting off my studies. really good guy and I am glad his stores have done well.
    Hey, quit talking to those women who used to be your neighbors and PM me. Thanx
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