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Title IX: Episode 72

Steph Copley and Alisa Woods dive into Iowa State's softball and women's golf postseasons, the Kentucky Derby and WNBA news then interview Dr. Valentina Salotti from the Ivy College of Business on a new episode of Title IX.
Men's Sports

CFTV: Wrestling Media Days 2021

Iowa State Wrestling held their official 2021 Wrestling Media Days on Tuesday afternoon. Jacqueline was able to catch up with several members of the team. https://youtu.be/IJBBEVVEqdE https://youtu.be/elpl6y3Eq3M https://youtu.be/XvGjB1f4UOU https://youtu.be/w3qNHBbaoj8 https://youtu.be/2JiRqVNYKog https://youtu.be/eNk-...
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Title IX: Episode 49

On a new episode of Title IX, Steph Copley and Alisa Woods start their deep dives ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, discuss the feud between Maria Taylor and Rachel Nichols and much more.