Big 12 Considering $1B in Private Equity

This is what I was thinking. If things go belly up, it's not like there is real estate, or factory equipment, or some source code/algorithm that could be sold off/repurposed for the equity firm to recover something. The Big 12 has so little control over the college sports landscape. It just seems like a riskier-than-usual investment for an equity firm.
Private equity firms invest a lot in companies that have no collateral or hard assets and become truly worthless if they go belly up. This wouldn’t be anything new to private equity firms.

Big 12 Considering $1B in Private Equity

I'll just point out something that I haven't really seen discussed yet. The Big Ten already has an investor of sorts which happens to be Fox Sports. Fox doesn't just have a stake in the Big Ten network, they have some sort of backend deal where they are partners on the main media rights package. Its one of the many reasons the Big Ten is the richest conference, Fox Sports knows exactly what the rights are worth and negotiates what it doesn't keep for its own networks for the league. NBC and CBS were literally bargaining with Fox executives for their package rights.

The SEC has a very chummy relationship with ESPN, where they have given up some control in terms of the years left on their deals, and ESPN has never failed to bump up their payouts to come close to matching what the Big Ten makes.

Both the SEC and ACC have partnerships with their conference networks where you could consider ESPN an investor too. The Big 12 is an outlier in this regard - they have a very small deal with ESPN plus to carry those third tier games which are not even produced by them while these conference networks seem to be very profitable. And the average Big 12 school is probably going to have close to 40% of their games for football and MBB on ESPN plus too. I think its possible if Yormark can find the right partner that there might be a beneficial angle to this. Otherwise, if this is just a straight up equity partnership for the cash, it'll be a disaster. JMO

Tom Brady Roast

Some of the jokes were craaaazy over the top, and not really that creative. Agree with the earlier comments about roast jokes all being retreads and it just not coming across very genuine when the comedians don’t even really know the roastee. Roasts just might not be my kind of comedy.

You just kinda have to take roasts for what they are. The comedians generally don’t know the person but obviously have the best jokes. The people that know the roastee are just reading jokes the comedians wrote for them.

Comedy Central cut bad **** from their roasts. Netflix was live so everything was included.

People are moving to the Midwest

My son does all the crop farming now and I pay him to custom farm a few rentals, I’m Head Gopher & Head Cow Guy (until somebody has to actually get close to a cow). The cost of machinery, land & all inputs is astronomical and I don’t want to be the old negative coffee drinking expert at the feed store but I’m glad I’m riding my white horse into the sunset.
And as someone who has been in the private tax world for 40+ years,......have you ever had any taxable income?

People are moving to the Midwest

As someone who currently lives in Arizona and lived in Texas for 20 years, deaths related to heat are more of an indication of a homeless problem rather than it being too hot.

Is it hotter now on average compared to 10-20 years ago? Sure but it’s always been hot. The number of people who are affected by not having access to AC has increased.
Homelessness in extreme weather is certainly an issue, but having your electricity shut off or a grid failure is problematic too. Or existing AC systems breaking while being pushed beyond their design limits. If those people don't have the mobility or access to places to get out of the heat and hydrate, regardless of their housing status, it becomes an issue.

Even without AC, having higher overnight temperatures leads to problems as well because people don't get a break from the heat. High temps also cause people to be angrier with each other, resulting in more injuries that aren't directly heat related.

Brats! Summer grilling.

I must be living under a rock, but today is the first I've ever heard of Tiefenhaler. I usually just get whatever is in the meat dept at Hy-Vee or Fareway. Might have to try them out.
Same here—I’ve never heard of the Tiefenhaler brats until this thread. We’ve become pretty loyal Farm Story Meats customers and will get brats from them. A little expensive but their pork is fantastic—produced from a heritage breed raised on an Iowa farm.

Time for a Real Discussion About Caitlin Clark

Didn't Indiana win a couple in the 70's and 80's? Michigan won it all in 89. That's all I can think of.
I think they were saying on the Women's side.
Though like Cyhig said they haven't won a title on the men's side in 20 years which is really pathetic for one of the self-proclaimed "P2" conferences.

People are moving to the Midwest

Records of drought, heat, wet bulb index, and number of hurricanes, are a few of the indicators happening with much greater frequency now. (Cherry-picking records of the past to deny this is pretty easily shot down knowing the frequency in records).

This again supports the OP's experience and conforms with local officials' reports.