Scholarship Breakdown

1Donovan Jackson, Sr. Nick Weiler-Babb, Sr.Solomon Young, Sr.Cameron Lard*, Sr.
2Jeff Beverly, Sr. Marial Shayok*, Sr.Michael Jacobson*, Sr.Lindell Wigginton, Sr.
3Hans Brase, Sr.Zoran Talley*, Sr.Prentiss Nixon*, Sr.Terrence Lewis, Sr.
4Nick Weiler-Babb*, Jr.Prentiss Nixon, (sit out)Cameron Lard*, Jr.Zion Griffin, Jr.
5Michael Jacobson (sit out)Michael Jacobson*, Jr.Terrence Lewis, Jr.Tyrese Haliburton, Jr.
6Marial Shayok*, (sit out)Solomon Young, Jr.Lindell Wigginton, Jr.George Conditt, Jr.
7Solomon Young, So. Cameron Lard*, So.Zion Griffin, So.Talen Horton-Tucker, Jr.
8Jakolby Long, So. Terrence Lewis, So.Tyrese Haliburton, So.Marcedus Leech, So. (Committed)
9Cameron Lard*, Fr. Lindell Wigginton, So.George Conditt, So.Tre Jackson (Committed)
10Terrence Lewis, Fr. Zion Griffin, Fr.Talen Horton-Tucker, So.Luke Jackson (Committed)
11Lindell Wigginton, Fr. Tyrese Haliburton, Fr.Marcedus Leech, Fr. (Committed)Open
12Zoran Talley*, Jr.George Conditt, Fr.Tre Jackson (Committed)Open
13OpenTalen Horton-Tucker, Fr.Luke Anderson (Committed)Open


1Wes GrederWes GrederOpenOpen
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