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  • Just noticed this. How did I not get any tiebreaker points last week? I picked OU and UT for highest scoring and got it right... I should be at four.
    OU Texas wasn't highest scoring. They combined for 61 Baylor and Tech combined for 63
    Hey Rulzzz, had an On That Note thread idea yesterday. What's your favorite movie soundtrack? I'd always vote for the songs in Boogie Nights, probably because they were popular when I was in my salad days. Just a though.......
    this might be a OTN, or off topic, but some of were at a Colorado Rockies game and were judging the players "walk Up song". What is yours?
    there is a guy for the Nationals that uses Baby Shark and the crowd loves it. who knows why he chose it.
    My guy is Charlie Blackmon. Comes to the plate to Your Love by The Outfield.
    Exactly! Blackmon's is great.
    I know there was a guy for Rangers who had baby shark as his walk up because he has a young son.
    Hey Rulzzz - thanks for the rep comment. I'd be lost without your game day threads, thanks for all the hard work!!!! Really looking forward to next season........
    Thanks man. All 3 games I have played of mafia, I have really enjoyed. This one, though, just seemed to have something extra that made it even more enjoyable. I think you did a great job with it. Thanks for putting it together, man!
    Yeah, it happens. Lebron fans believe him to be "the man" he is in their video games when really he just isn't a big moment player like a Jordan, Kobe, Bird, Magic, etc.
    I really think you should pop the hood tomorrow morning and check your coolant level before you go to work. It wouldn't take a long drive to damage an engine that is low on coolant. Good luck.
    I don't know why so many people hate the NBA. It is the highest level of basketball in the world. No one hates the NFL or MLB. I don't get it. I got to see Michael Jordan play David Robinson way back when. That was awesome.
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