I just got a new computer and I think I lost everything regarding Cyclone Fanatic. I thought I was signed up for one of the pay services but it looks like it's gone away and I'm seeing ads and nothing like I saw before. Can you help get me straightened out. Thanks.
Hey Chris, I've heard you talk about emails to subscribers. I have a premium account, but don't receive emails. Is that not part of premium? Sorry, just confused about what is included and the difference with premium and patreon. Thanks!
I saw you post for the Sweet 16 tickets at the United Center. Would you be willing to sell just 2, or only the set of 4? Also are they digital, paper? Thanks for your time.

I will be heading to Ames from Omaha, and should get into town around 3:30-4:00pm. We will probably go somewhere for a beer and dinner, if you would be willing to meet me I can give it to ya then.
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Dumbing without a rational response is, in itself, rather childish. Wouldn't you agree?
You really are a pitiful little fella. Aren't you? No intelligence. No charm. Just the ability to sit behind your terminal and click.
That’s funny. You get really worked up over a dumb rating (3 pm’s and can’t let it go) that sounds like someone who’s insecure and can’t take someone disagreeing with them. And then to say I sit behind my terminal and click, when in fact you are the person hiding behind an anonymous username whereas my name and phone number are easily seen in my profile pic
If you want to keep sending messages because you are butthurt over a dumb rating then go ahead but I’m done with this conversation because I have more important things to do than nurse your injured ego from a dumb rating.
I will take tickets if send to isushimp@gmail.com. Go ErnieD on forum.
Which tickets did you want. Sorry, i had a couple different posts about free tickets
Ok. I saw you had replied to the WBB thread. I sent the tickets. If you want to, and are able to stop by for the parking pass in Ankeny feel free to let me know.
Go State!
HI there - I'm interested in the poster. Are you willing to sell just the poster? (Not the ball) If yes, what is your price for the poster? Thanks in advance! Todd Beukelman 651-503-4289
it is but someone asked a bit ago and I responded to them. If I get an answer from them soon I will sell to them. If not I will reach out to you.

30 work?
they're at $50

But they also haven't replied so I'll wait and see.
Ok, no problem. wife told me 30 was all she wanted to spend on parking so I'll probably just end up looking for a free spot somewhere. Thanks for your time.


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