Thanks for alerting me to my mistake. Copied and pasted OP template from Baylor game and thought I had gotten everything right.
Hi Dan. I was hoping to get a little more for these tickets. If no one bites on them by Friday I will sell them at this price.
I understand- those are good seats. I might see if my friends want to pay more.
Hey, might be willing to give you $30. I am buying another JCC from someone else on here for $30 and need one more.
Sure, I'll do $30. Send me your email to transfer tickets. Do you do Venmo?
I also have a good set of the media guides they used to hand out. I have other random items as well, but those would be the big groups of items. If there is something specific you're looking for let me know.
I have a solid collection of ISU posters going back to the late 1970's. I have most years and duplicates of some. If this is of interest let me know sport(s) and years. I don't have jersey's or helmets. I have MBB coaches autographs on items back to Orr, and some FB coaches. Most are on full sized basketballs.
Is the baseball jersey still available, and if so how much are you asking?
Still available. Have had multiple cash offers. Wanting to see what people have available for trade before I just sell it outright. Anything available to trade for it?
In ncaa survivor game you picked miami but it is a battle of the Miami's. I know you probably mean FL but if you could edit your post and clarify you mean Miami FL I'd appreciate it.
Thanks Rulzzz i appreciate your help as always!!
Hi Angie, Do you mean Sept 23 for OSU? I'm planning on taking my extended family to that one but would gladly sell the 9/2 UNI game parking pass for $40.
Interested in purchasing parking passes for football games this year. Right now, I am looking for September 2nd and October 23rd, but may be interested in other games. Which games do you have available? I bring my sons and nephews to the games and want them to have a great experience which is why I am looking for the parking passes. Go Cyclones!!! How much are you asking for them? Thanks! Angie
You can disagree all you want, but he said himself that's why he quit -- because of his lack of luck at finding anything to eat,


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