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  • Chris, I tried to send a message a couple of days ago, and I don't know if it got through. I've lost my access to the premium board. I joined the We Will Collective Club. I was already a premium member. It sounds like my Club membership should cover my premium access. Is there a way to restore it? Thanks
    Hello, my mom signed up my brother for the premium service a couple of years ago, his name was Merle Jones, lived in Keokuk, but the bill was sent to Plano Iowa. My brother passed away a few months ago. It is billed to her Discovery Card, for a total of $10.65 a month, the number on the bill is 358619036.

    You can reach me at [email protected]

    I just got a new computer and I think I lost everything regarding Cyclone Fanatic. I thought I was signed up for one of the pay services but it looks like it's gone away and I'm seeing ads and nothing like I saw before. Can you help get me straightened out. Thanks.
    Hey Chris, I've heard you talk about emails to subscribers. I have a premium account, but don't receive emails. Is that not part of premium? Sorry, just confused about what is included and the difference with premium and patreon. Thanks!
    Hey Chris, sorry to bug you as I know you’re are busy, but I would like to cancel my premium account and switch to patreon. I do not utilize the message board. I get emailed the payments, but when I log into PayPal I cannot find, so unfortunately I have not be able to cancel and switch on my own.

    Really enjoy the content. Keep up the great work!

    Thank you,
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    Have tried to cancel for two months. Best of luck Kyle, it does not work for me either. Hope they see my email someday!
    Ever get a response? Only thing I have thought of is disputing the charges.
    Hey Chris. Quick account question. Initially I was a Tier 1 forum member, with automatic payments to Matt Lazear through my credit card (Discover). After upgrading to the Tier 2 recently (payment via Paypal) I'm still paying both the $5 tier 1 fee and the $12 tier 2 fee. If I try to cancel the tier one subscription, it takes me to Paypal and will only let me cancel the Tier 2.
    Hey can you reset my password, new computer i cant frigging remmeber. And the email it would send to doesnt exsist anymore, lol.
    I would also like to listen to podcast with different members of the staff especially lanning , kempt, strength coach, and new rb coach
    Since football news is slow what about a breakdown of the last class? I would like to see that
    Hey Chris. Is there anything special that I need to do to get the dark mode theme? I signed up as a SuperFantatic a little over a week ago.
    Chris, I called in to Sports Fanatics yesterday but missed the gambling segment. My comment was this. NFL teams are held responsible to put out accurate injury reports. I always assumed this was to facilitate accurate lines and fair betting. Would not the same thing eventually happen at the NCAA level if the NCAA does have a financial stake?
    Chris, I ended up calling EB Sports and they stated late this week or early next on the details. So I haven't missed anything.
    When does more information come out about the CF charter? I booked the first one with air and land (Westin). I only have received a confirmation, just making sure more wasn't sent and my email blocked it. Looking for flight times and such as I am 3 hours out of Des Moines.
    Chris, Who is the vendor you do the commercial for that you said has installed your TV and sound system?
    any chance we could get the FB depth chart updated on this site? Jacob Park is still our QB! :)
    Hey Chris, I tried to post to the current "Trouble logging in thread?" but I can't post to any thread. I've sent two emails to site support but still have the same problem and have not heard from anyone. When I do get logged in on my MacBook the CF Home and News pages are all scrambled. I can't post to or reply to any threads.???.
    Hi Chris! On May 15th I sent my annual contribution to Cyclone Fanatics thru PayPal. Last year when I did it went to Cyclone Fanatics, LLC or something like that, this year it showed up on my bank account as Matt Lazear. I just want to make sure it got to the right place.
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