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  • Too many fans act like they are neutral and can root for the other but let's be honest.......they can't and aren't neutral and are very good at ************ themselves
    I'm not sure, it's pretty pathetic when I see threads on here ****** because Iowa fans don't cheer for ISU (when they aren't playing) and than a 10 page one where ISU fan says that anyone who's a Clone fan and cheers for Iowa is wrong.......just a stupid double standard
    No, I don't have those resources. I also have no reason to doubt what was told to everyone?
    Take it easy Devil Dog.

    The point of my post is that uniforms DO matter and that when you put one on you should feel some pride because of what that uniform means. That is why I'm such a vocal advocate for the 1976 uniforms as they are the uniforms we've been most successful in.

    Now, as for your lecture. You're talking to a United States Navy Hospital Corps veteran who served with 3d BN 6th Marines from 1995 to 1997 and who rated, wore and maintained physical and military standards for a United States Marine Corps uniform and is pretty god-damned proud of it.
    Ha ha, I dont think I ever noticed the pic you put on my message area. Aaaaawsome.
    Duke 1-1
    Florida 2-1
    ISU 5-1
    Kansas 1-1
    Kentucky 2-1
    Minnesota 10-1
    North Carolina 1-1
    Oklahoma 5-1
    Stanford 5-1
    TCU 5-1
    UCLA 5-1
    USC 5-1
    just an example
    Well when he commits its over. Just have to list the 12 schools and then throw odds that are reasonable and go from there. Give a certian time to have your bets in say two weeks, then you float. Once he commits with in say the two weeks the bests are all off if you try to post by then. Say he commits on the 15th any bets put in on the 15th is void.
    just making sure I wasnt reachin there..

    I've never actually seen kindergarten cop, but my best friend in high school used to say stuff like that all the time so it is still funny to me.
    Unfortunately, enough spring up in their place that it's not worth it to the mod team - it'll die down in a couple of days.
    Check this out. Effing awesome!
    4chan_epic.jpg picture by ISU4tehwin - Photobucket
    What a FTW facking moment!! I want to live in that world. Is that so wrong?
    Unfortunately, no. No other CF user is given their own blog - an exception has been made until now, despite the complaints of other posters that there are several free blog sites around. The social group is more than generous.
    Basically the thread about Phaedrus and his travels (the "Hot Milk for Breakfast" thread) is being moved to a social group. Since I know you were concerned about him, I invited you. :)
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