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  • Cool............. I'm having a gawd awful time trying to post on my site. I keep getting a bad "font" message. So I brought it over here as well.
    Hello, my wife, who is originally from Tinley Park and I met at Iowa Wesleyan. I'm "new" at this message thing so I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to come over here or not so I did both.....:yes:
    I have heard that Johnson was on the hot seat. But I don't think he has much to worry about. Poeta and Kennedy should have a big tournament.

    Johnson does rely on instate recruiting a bit too much though. I think a little diversity is what that team is lacking from becoming a team that can compete with the top tier.
    Forte fan? I know someone that has a cool Forte Card. It spells each individual letter out from his uniform as a seperate card. Interested?
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