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  • WOW...Bruns is a really great writer. I liked his stuff in the past but the piece he did today was outstanding, better than anyone on CF,Clonezone or Register.
    hey dude,

    What's your over/under for ******** hawk fans showing up in Iowa gear at the ISU tailgate? I say five and take the over...
    thanks for the kind words, bostinelosd. People on here really make me wonder about the ISU fanbase sometimes....
    Life was fine tell you introduced travian to CF. You are POS! May god have mercy on your soul.
    Jon and his brother are going to be playing in about an hour or so - he wanted me to tell you!
    You're a sweetie - thanks!! I don't have to do phone support anymore, so that's all I care about! :biggrin:

    I hope things are going well for you all?? Jon and his brothers were playing Gears of War last night.
    I keep doing the same thing - it just draws you back in, doesn't it? :wink: I've been a little annoyed that I haven't had time to be on the site at work lately (since I got a new position), but it's probably for the best - I wouldn't get ANYTHING done at work.
    ...And "days" is right. I have a feeling this one will be pretty sustained. :skeptical: I ended up getting so annoyed and pissy that I just had to log out on Saturday.
    Hey... THANKS! You got me out of negative territory... I posted something one guy didn't like - oh well. Thanks again
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