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  • game used and any collectible I can find my house is full of cyclone **** from helmets to pictures, posters, programs, and the like. Cards are for 4th graders. why?
    Sorry, I had signed out for the day last night. Let me know if there are still any outstanding threads that need combined!
    no I open up lime wire and when I go to search the Icons turns into "open with" icon, like it does not recognize it. When I down load it I can't open it up
    You search for something using LimeWire, double click on it, and you get an "open with" dialog box rather than it starting to download it?

    You knew something about a used car? I am new to this PM stuff, so if you sent me something I lost it!
    You are welcomed, Its just that its a kind of like a sore spot for some Marines being called a Soldier. Most people do not understand this unless they have or have orhad members in the Corp

    Tell your Grandfather everytime you see him Siemper Fi
    Trust me... I know what you are saying. I was speaking in general terms for all the armed services.

    My grandfather was a marine and fought in the pacific during WWII.
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