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  • Yes. He has to either be the most jihadic Cyclone ever...or he is a Hawk pretending to be a psychotic Cyclone fan. Check him out in the In-State Rivals section.
    Never see you posting anymore? Have you met our new junkyard dog Jambalaya? That dude is off the chain crazy.
    good buddy...working, living, hoping the Big 12 does not collapse. How have you been?
    i know the strange rules the web...i actually think sd is a great pardoy of perrault
    Rdubbs...you are starting to realize the power of the JMB :) just kidding. I think it is funny that there are people jumping on the sneakydave express though. it is a matter of time before perraulty actually gets the ticket he punch-a ticket out of town.
    I think we've had one week of non snow since Christmas and I saw yesterday that we have 14 inches on the ground at the moment. Guess we should be ready for the floods, cause they are a coming.
    I agree. I am so sick of this crappy weather. I know it is winter but hell... I can't remember the last time we had 8 blizzards by mid February. Give us a freaking break!!
    ?? I've been pretty complimentary to the Hawks. Just go back through that thread. I blasted the entitlement in Iowa City in that Campus Life thread, but I also pointed out that there's plenty of good people there too. Didn't think that was too negative. Like I said, it's possible that my account was hacked and someone was posting really negatively about Iowa, but I don't remember me being too hard on 'em.
    I may just let my wife root for ISU and I go back and ust root for Texas, but I would miss these epic meltdowns, at least Texas fixes a problem and dont allow it to go on and on and on. ISU can be a power house, this is straight from the Texas board a few years ago...."IF they understand the business aspects over the pride aspects they can be, I dont for see that in the near future or even my lifetime".
    Like some who are on here, like the last poster that wuoted me...2012 is that high school or college graduation. You dont see me rubbing in my Alma mater of...yes...1986 in, but I may have to...
    I typed it up for one of my friends, but I couldn't copy paste the whole thing into one PM.
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