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  • where ya livin at in Nebraska? there have been some gamewatch locations in the past. we can always make a new one!
    Do I still get my credits if a thread I start goes in a different direction not in my control??
    Not sure if I'll post...just thought since it was game day and I hadn't been here for a while I'd check things out. How are you?
    Hey Chadm, is there any rule against posting a phone number on the board? I would like to start a thread about a friend that has a maple sugar bush, and the only way you can order product is by calling them. There is no link, or site, associated with them.
    Appreciate your response. Thank you.Balrog
    Apparently I'm woefully unobservant - I just NOW noticed that my user rank had changed to "Ms. Vampire." :biglaugh:
    You found one of my favorite features of Global Mod-dom!!! :yes: It makes me smile.
    Um... he does what I tell him to. :wink: So, I guess, you can take that however you would like.
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