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  • My major is criminal justice. I just took a pol sci class to fill a requirement and really liked it so I ended up taking more and liked those too, and i'm maybe thinking about law school so it would help there.
    nice. I'm pretty sure i'm going to declare it a minor but i've been thinking about making it a major, which doesn't sound fun.
    that's good to hear. I was told to take any class possible with him because you'll learn the most from him. So are you majoring in Political Science?
    Thanks for the rep. I thought it was a fun post, but some people are taking it a little too seriously. I thought the words "Conspiracy Theory" would make people have fun with it. Oh well. Thanks though
    My girlfriend might not like that. You can add it to your sig, just type in cubs girl in google images.
    Here is the actual joke. It's kind of weak.

    Knock knock - Who's there? Norma lee. Norma lee who?

    Norma lee I have my key! *Ba doom, ching!*


    U-8 all my lunch, you jerk! It was after this joke, he head butted me in the chin (I was sitting down). Little punk.
    That's probably because the joke would have made fun of one, if not both of them, and we'll be having none of that here. NO SIR.
    haha i just took it off...i was just saying that people are ******** to think that this guy was serious.
    that has nothing to do with it. we usually avoid talking about isu and politics cause we disagree and u always try to override me.
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