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  • I like the rogue idea, too. :) I'm comfortable with that - if people don't act like jerks that way, then cool! :wink:

    You're the best.
    Don't start ******* on me, i totally missed the whole conversation about you. I was just reporting what I was told.
    That is a great idea!! Seriously, couldn't this stuff have been a little more spread out???
    No worries - I know it wasn't malicious on your part at all. :smile: We're talking about a sticky right now. Thanks so much.
    Shh!! :wink: You're uncovering my secrets!!

    You're right, though - it's kind of scary that I skew that way so much, even though I don't just believe along party lines...
    Indirectly, yes!! Also, the nuclear war that everyone has been waging on each other lately. It's so frustrating!!! I'm so glad you're always the voice of levity.
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