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  • No worries. I didn't want you to think I randomly punked you for no reason. There's enough of that garbage on the main board.
    Just make sure you catch the game before you make a move. Football first. Everything else will then fall into place...
    I took a little break after the group asked me to leave but Im back for a little while
    We're trying to lure him there. There are no language filters. The FTG has already ransacked it like a bunch of pirates. You should join.
    The weird part is that they never sent me a message (like they claimed in the Friday Thread). I'm guessing something was screwy w/my internet or something, because all of a sudden, w/out any PMs or any posts warning me, I load a page and it said I was banned, why I was banned, and how long. It was weird.
    I'm glad to be back. Of course, now I have to be nice to the Hawk Trolls or I'm back in time out for being a bad boy.
    1000 apologies. I'm really nothing more than a little speck in a large universe.
    Everyone I knew in high school creamed their pants over DMB, so I was a little hesitant by nature. Started listening to them sparingly freshman year at State (03/04) and became a big fan after seeing them at Hilton with My Morning Jacket and Ben Harper in fall of 2004 (my sophomore year). One of the best concerts I've ever seen. About an hour in, Neil Young just wanders out on stage, Dave introduces him, and Hilton goes crazy. Neil jammed with them for about 40 minutes. ******* awesome. But yeah, the old stuff is definitely the best. Under the Table, Crash, and Before These Crowded Streets are great, but Big Whiskey is right up there with them.
    If I didn't have a few good friends in that town, I would NEVER go there. I can only take 1 night at a time, and then I need to get the hell out!
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