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  • Oh I've been around just not much going on I guess. Stupid winter blues I suppose. Just ready for some spring and warmer temps I guess.
    Time for my once every few month post to say..........WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZUP???????
    I don't know what happened. Hell, I haven't even posted over there about it. Just c'mon back. I promise I will protect you from the "fart taco" that has been offered as a price for reentry.:smile:
    Thanks bud, we tried are best with what we had. In my opinion Veenker hasnt looked this good ever and next year we will be on the money
    The course was in great shape. The greens were a little spotty but the ball rolled great so it wasn't a factor at all. I just didn't play very good. You guys did a great job on Friday morning after that storm rolled through getting the course ready to go. Kudos
    Well that sucks. I hope you liked the new course except for the few greens that got hammered by the weather a few weeks ago
    I did not play well to say the least. I couldn't make a putt to save my life and ended the first 2 rounds with more 3 putts then 2 putts. I took a 9 on #9 on Saturday and still managed to shoot an 81. Shooting 85 -81 was definitely not the plan.
    How did you finish in the masters?? Did you make it to sunday.. Funny story one of my workers played and shot 99 on the first day and quit :biglaugh:
    Nice round with 2 doubles to shoot 78 !! But um yaaaaaaa all the Tees shouldnt have been placed like that, Did you get into the Masters ?
    Cant handle the back tee's sally ;), actually didnt work friday where the hell where they at ?? The bosses got the day off !!!
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