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  • Agree completely with your thread. Something's just not right with the way games are finishing. Gotta be a mixture of depth/playcalling of some sort.
    Completely agree. It is definitely a right protected by the constitution, but I don't see the need of freaking out about it, storing up a huge amount of high-powers and ARs, and carrying a gun on me at all times. I have never felt that in danger where I need any of that. To each his own I guess.
    Great post on the gun thread. People get so caught up in political ideals and such that they forget to use common sense.

    Neither the far right or far left are correct on this topic. Your analysis was spot on.
    As someone who regularly doesn't post something outrageous, I would just get out of those threads, I'm not sure why I even bothered to contribute, but they are a lot of the worst..
    I made it to the Trailer Park Boys show at Hoyt Sherman a couple weeks ago....PURE GOLD.
    I'm helping a buddy promote his website, any help you can give would be appreciated. FansTalkingSports • Index page
    We'd have some early media momentum from the novelty of it, but hardcore supporters on both ends would have a cow, so we'd never have support.

    But a grassroots thing through the Internet? Hmmmmm

    OK, yeah, it still wouldn't work.
    It's tricky, since both "sides" come at things with different convictions, and we all feel that our convictions are the right ones.

    But the government isn't a competition, in theory, it's a cooperation. Even if I wanted to make a dramatic push and say that our government was fully intended as a Christian one, I would have to reconcile how Congregationalist New England was going to coexist with Catholic Maryland without persecution, not to mention PA Quakers and everyone else running around.

    At some point, it has to be "us" in this thing for it to work.
    Let's run for office. I'm sure we'd a stump speech for the ages.
    That's exactly the New Testament idea. Christians are supposed to pray for our leaders, respect them, submit to them (there would be exceptions based on belief and all, but submit), and pray for a peaceful government so we can go about living out our faith.

    Someway, somehow, Christians and everybody else actually have to live together. That's the trick that people aren't seeing, for the most part.

    I can't think of a single instance where a government-run church was good for the church. We just get exploited. Give us the government, and we really don't know how to live with a different worldview, even though it should be easy for us, theologically.

    It's a mess, but it shouldn't be.
    Thanks for the message. Another poster on here told me when i first got on here that he is the only guy that can make two schools look ********.
    I know, I feel bad falling off like I did. Mix in not being able to access site at work, not having internet at home after i moved, and the actually act of buying a house, moving and everything that goes along with it - I've been drained on time and creativity.
    I'll put something together real soon now that things are quieting down. If you have any ideas that need tackled let me know.
    Understood. I guess it helps when you understand what angle the writers are going for. So is this your angle at doing the Tucker Max? Go to law school and end up a famous writer? Haha, just clownin man, have a good one.
    Gotcha. May have to check out some of your stuff.

    Didn't mean to take a shot at the site as a whole, I'm a pretty big fan of satire humor, but this one just didn't trip my trigger for some reason.
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