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  • It's fine that you disagree with me, but it would be cooler if you posted why instead of just marking my posts"disagree".
    You should tell me your name as well so I can stalk you on all the social media outlets :)
    Not a religious nut. Work on your reading comprehension. You are the single biggest dumb *** on this board. Go to hell.
    Good to hear! I hope he continues that and is a good representative for ISU for years to come. I even said as much. That doesn't change the history and what he has done. He has built up a reputation and it takes more than a few months to change that. His stay at ISU is/was defined by his actions. I hope he has matured. I hope he has learned how to remove from bad situations and I hope he has learned what is important in life. It will be much easier for him if he makes it in Green Bay. That is for certain
    I agree he did post some impressive numbers. I could be wrong but I would be SHOCKED if he makes and NFL roster. He was average to slightly above on the field IMO and that typically doesnt cut it.
    Did you even click on the video with Bob Knight? Are you saying he isn't credible? Jesus you're ******* stupid.
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