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  • My Alma Mater is Texas..Wife's is ISU....I root for Texas, BUT my second favorite team is ISU. I see teh potential of ISU but then I see the lack of coaching that is there, Rhoads, and VB coach, and Fennelly need to stay, Jackson is up in the air still, but looks like a good fit.

    Change McD for a Hard nosed "Bobby Knight" style coach and this team will bring Hilton Magic back

    Maybe now you will understand why I am so critical on thisBteam. It can be so much better and even yes EVEN be in a challange in the NCAA. I personally believe McD is not the right fit in the Big12. Too soft, to nicy nice, and to forgiving. Texas does not build on that, they are the opposite. You dont play to your ability...see ya, someone will. I wish ISU would do the same.

    Anyways I hope this clears the view up for you
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