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  • It may be time for another makeout session with her, if it is indeed her. We may or may not have been kicked out of Paddy's for our drunken PDA night... whoops.
    It happens. It's such an easy trap.
    Basically, we have a neocon guy working for TSA while he may or may not be in grad school, but always manages to be right.
    That's exactly where I'm at. Basically, Hamilton was that last straw that really snappd it for me. It's so far past obvious that there are real problems relating to these guys. He's good at getting them here, but there's no connection after that. Probably very jading for 18-20 year old guys.
    It definitely isn't building a system or anything at this point.
    I'm kind of there, too. Too many player retention problems anymore, but yeah, this one is ridiculous.
    yeah.. i sent a message to keith murphy on twitter as well.. no response there either. Considering how they ran with something like the pollard letter last week, its surprising this is being ignored.
    Yeah, I wonder the same. No response from Deace or Ken Miller. Not that Deace is a ISU homer, but still odd.

    I think it's a combination of people thinking the issue is a McDermott issue and people misunderstanding the issue to begin with. Just look how many times we've corrected people, including Chris Williams.
    Im starting to think that this story about the contract is being buried intentionally.
    Any way Pollard and GG pulled this off without going to the university board. I hold GG just as responsible as Jamie.
    After my brother asked me about this and I gave him my opinion, he emailed the athletic department. The Associate AD specifically said that the contract calls for extension for every lost scholarship. I emailed the DSM Register, and he said that this story had already been reported. I couldn't find any such article. The fact that nobody is talking about this absolutely baffles me.
    agreed. there should only have been one year, for the 06-07 season where we were down 3 scholarships. The contract says 'per year' that we were affected by it, not 'per scholarship'
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