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  • I'm really sure that he's a Husker. It's worth checking up on. I know that I'm planning to ride all over his posting should we beat them again this fall.
    thanks should be going your way. it was just such a well thought out post that i agree with wholeheartedly. It is just so nice to have a level head around here that realizes the things you put in your post. I would have liked to post something similar, but i am much less eloquent and actually very shy as evidenced by my low post count over the past 2 and a half years:smile:. Once again, thanks for such a great post.
    Oops. . . . Bet I should have looked around further before badgering you with the question. But, thanks!
    I actually can!!

    Jer just put a new feature in place. Go to your UserCP, and click Edit Membership Groups or something. You can opt in for the Politics page, and then it should show up normally.
    I have the exact same feeling!! It's wonderful to know that there is someone out there with such similar beliefs and ideas. And best wishes to you!
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