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  • Not going to lie I was as little crushed by your disagreement, because I like your posts. Ps I'm a little deep in the cups so having trouble getting my point across and confused by suddenly having to defend Trump when that wasn't my original intention.
    ive said this before, but you are the funniest poster on this site. even when what i post is disgusting to you, you post the perfect hilarious response. good work.. every thread.
    GoonerStation: Marseille vs Arsenal - Livestream

    thats the one I'm using currently. seems to be working okay so far.
    For real?? Probably because you have awesome taste, and it's BY FAR one of the best things I've ever eaten. The cream cheese makes it magical.
    Dude, I am having difficulties not calling people idiots in that thread. I wasn't aware that fundamentalist Christian preachers were such experts on child-rearing.
    I use protecton on the Sex , Drugs And Rock @ Roll part...so no kids yet(thanks for asking) ... but when I do... the first place they are smoking ganj is with me ... and might as well throw the beer away after that...pppfffttt...

    ---kind of funny... 3truefriends has not made any friends yet on the statistics board.... LOL !!!...(*ya may want to quit asking questions about other people's children though... that pattern may not work in the long term*)... food for thought...
    Don't worry my children are neither stupid nor internet tough guys like some others around here seem to want to be.

    Name calling via reputation credits, how mature and strong of you. Coward.
    I completely disagree with you (obviously), but appreciate the fact you're as big of a smart *** as I am.

    Later :)
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