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  • Good, thanks for calling them innocent instead of not researched and completely thought out. I treat this board much more like a conversation than I should.
    Done that myself. It's a profound and/or terrible learning experience.
    Hi Erick, I hope you don't think I'm being mean spirited in the immigration thread I just thought my idea was a decent compromise and I got piled on. I then got frustrated and lashed out, I hope you didn't think the elite comment was directed at you.
    No, you're fine. You have a way of getting yourself into holes with some innocent ideas.
    No worries here. I didn't take any offense. Lashing out certainly looks much more mean-spirited than that from other folks. Don't worry about it.
    Hello Erik - as you are the de facto history expert of RTT, I wanted to run something by you. I thought about creating a thread in the Cave about re-examining the Second Amendment, because I feel the thrust behind its "right to bear arms" guarantee was created in a time much different than ours. It's a radical idea, I know, but owing to recent developments with firearms I thought it could be a valid discussion.
    It should be a good idea. Be ready for weird discussions about comma clauses (that went through the Cave a while back), and the whole idea of governmental tyranny.
    If I get some spare time, I'll dig out some stuff about original intentions (if I remember where it is).
    Just saw a link to your blog and realized I'd missed the tread. So sorry you and your wife have to endure this.
    You should probably do it anyway. Consequences be dammed. Thanks for the Rep.
    Thank you. I am just so happy with his success thus far. I told Fred that the air in Iowa must agree with Georges.
    Isn't that kind of a requirement to be a Cyclone Basketball Fan? You must clearly show your hatred for KU and their evil white guys.
    Same here and couldn't agree more. Kansas's home court advantage takes it to a whole new level in college basketball. If we come out of here with a W, I will be one happy dude.
    You know this happens everytime we travel to Lawrence, but yet every year I become more and more surprised.
    Love your avatar. My mom made a trip to Israel in the last year, and a friend of mine that I graduated high school with I believe also made the trip a while ago with a group from Faith Baptist Bible College.
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