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  • I did! That's weird that it won't let you read it, I wasn't sure how that worked.
    Hmm... I think the only possible answer is to post 100 times each day, join some social groups, and to give rep to every single person you can. That has to be it, right?
    In my expert opinion, I think it wins! You may want to shorten it to the URL of the video in your siggy, or it may have to get hacked for being too big. :wink:
    LOL. I can neither promote nor condone that, but I CAN laugh.

    You're up to three!!
    And if anyone probably uses that word in their natural conversations, it's Bos. :)
    BOOM! That's two of us! I really thought Bos was going to participate, but he kept dancing around it!
    I just started laughing at my desk. No, you're probably right. You know, you COULD instead say "what is your favorite kind of hot dog?" and see if people just happened to discuss weiners. But... it still may get closed, if too many people said "weiner." You've got a difficult road ahead of you!
    I like to think she's more pensive than sad. :wink:

    I'll see if I can encourage the other mods to respond to you more with the word "weiner." Although, I'm sure it means more if it's natural.
    I just saw your signature and burst out laughing. I'm sad I can't give you more rep yet.
    I wish I could say I did but I didn't. Somebody posted it here a while back and I snagged it.
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