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  • CloneFan4
    Don't get me wrong I want it to be true. I have no inside knowledge on the situation or like the staff, but feel like they may deserve better than to look over their backs the rest of the season due to a message board rumor.
    Me, too. Same stupid story every year, but it's a new same stupid story.
    I'm just shocked that the Big 12 allows it to happen, but then I remember more of the reasons that I love the Big 12 so.

    I hope we manage to pull this out.
    Yea man, I'll be on. I've had connection issues for some reason with my wireless. I think it's better now. Plus I've been on a FIFA kick.
    Yup I'm from Elkader. What about you? I'm actually not a teen, I'm 20! haha but I'll be graduating From ISU in either December or Next May
    I only put players on scholarship in the list..Lamb and Palo aren't on schollie (and therefore aren't on the list) haha
    I meant to make it sound like that I agree. I havent disagreed with any! Sorry for the confusion too.... That isufan22 needs to come down from his fan pedestool he thinks he is on.
    I thought so. timellman may be it as well. I actually probably deserve a 0 gamerscore
    Not much man just trying to get over yesterday's loss. You have xbox live right? If so add me: xCloneFan4x.
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