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  • Thanks for the rep. I understand if people are mad about the time it takes for him to decide, but some of the things brought up don't make much sense.
    Hey, thanks, again, for the rep. I was starting to think it was taken down. For some reason, I'm unable to see it.

    I really do owe you one.
    I think they must just have assumed it in this commercial - everyone was looking at someone suspiciously, so he HAD to be Christian. Of course the Christian is weird! :eek:
    That's creepy - I was just reading your message, and an ad for Criminal Minds came on right at that second. Weird, weird, weird! :)
    If you read any Ayn Rand, let me know what you think. She's VERY anti-Christian.
    Thanks for the rep! That's the 2nd one from you. I need to figure this stuff out so I can return the favor. About what you said...I know and it's kind of frustrating. Oh well. Thanks again.
    Did I capture the essence of Erik? I just thought that if CycloneErik was a McDonald's character that obviously it was going to be Grimmace....:yes:
    I am in the same boat. I just feel the booing has been a poor tradition that I feel really isn't that old of one and could be better served with something else. Especially for one game. But I sure do hope someone comes out with that T shirt idea. I think that would be cool
    Thanks for the rep! I heard the news earlier today but haven't been able to get onto CF until now, so I've really been dying to use that line and hoping it hasn't been taken yet :wink:
    It was a good post by you and needed for discussion- it is always good to talk Cyclones w/ good fans like yourself!
    K thanks. I even went as far as setting it as my background to get a better look :)
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