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Well-Known Member
Dec 29, 2008
Washington DC
Yeah, seems douche all the way. I suppose we all have a friend or two like that. I do think we are really seeing how Matt's personality/demeanor flows through the program....business like, but he is fun/funny and the guys respect him.

Like, Id picture a player who is dating and both head coaches meet the woman.

Matt: "Very nice to meet you." And then pulling the guy aside later and reminding him to respect her and treat her right.

Herman: Winks at her...later tells guy "I'd hit that.....is she the real deal or your side piece?"
OMG, how old are you?
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Apr 11, 2006
The Zach Smith connection with hookers and coke, strip clubs with high school coaches, his wife wearing "OK Cool, Hook Em" shirts, Herman whining about horns down but strutting around on the sideline like a doosh.
Zach's tweet from yesterday was awesome. Check it out.


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Mar 11, 2008
Coralville, IA
Watching game again I think we should give credit to Assalley for making those FGs from the hash marks.

Vance played one of his best games as a Cyclone also.
Assalley has made a lot of kicks for ISU and I appreciate his efforts. I just don't trust him beyond the 40.


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May 3, 2019
Sandy Springs, GA
Great article. Appreciate the take on Tom Herman. He begs for what he gets in terms of grief.

I want to focus on Brock Purdy's answer about what you were thinking about years ago when you came to Iowa State. "That's why I came here!"

That quote deserves to be shouted. "THAT'S WHY I CAME HERE!"

Culture has changed. Not only is it now awesome to be a Cyclone fan, but it is easy too!
I need a recruiting video with a clip of Brock saying "That's why I came here" followed by highlights of this season, weight room clips, Campbell speeches, locker room celebrations, swag surfin' videos, etc.