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Staff member
Apr 10, 2006
Bondurant, Iowa
Nov 27, 2020; Austin, Texas, USA; Iowa State Cyclones tight end Charlie Kolar (88) avoids tackle from Texas Longhorns defensive back Caden Sterns (7) in the third quarter at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

I would love to masterfully create some clever lede to capture the significance of this moment. However my name isn’t Rob Gray and sometimes it’s better to just let the players do the talking. 

Iowa State’s Heisman-worthy sophomore running back Breece Hall said it best following Iowa State’s 23-20 victory over Texas on Friday. 

“It’s five-star culture vs. five-star players,” Hall told the media moments following his game-winning 3-yard touchdown run, which came on a drive that resulted in Iowa State’s first red zone touchdown of the day. 

The scene was profoundly poetic. 

Little old Iowa State – the program I used to watch practice inside the Lied Rec Center while I jogged my fat ass around the...
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Rec Center HOF
SuperFanatic T2
Jun 10, 2009
It's crazy the lost in person game memories this season has, but I'll still take it1


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Oct 10, 2012
grundy center
I think what bothers me even more than the no fans thing is where we’d be setting the record for wins in a season this year if not for COVID 19.
And fans in the seats. We're usually full but not sold out. This would've been a record year for attendance
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Aug 17, 2009
Great article. Appreciate the take on Tom Herman. He begs for what he gets in terms of grief.

I want to focus on Brock Purdy's answer about what you were thinking about years ago when you came to Iowa State. "That's why I came here!"

That quote deserves to be shouted. "THAT'S WHY I CAME HERE!"

Culture has changed. Not only is it now awesome to be a Cyclone fan, but it is easy too!


Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2016
Chris Williams on Breece Hall's quote: Hall’s quote was subtle smack, but it showcased wisdom beyond his years.

It seems to be true and does show wisdom but that is NOT subtle. At all. It IS awesome though, especially that it's true.


Facebook Knows All
Mar 20, 2006
Urbandale, IA
“Little old Iowa State” played mediocre football for 57 minutes and still beat Texas in Austin with a trip to the Big 12 championship game on the line. That’s the status of the two programs.

With no due respect, **** you Tom Herman you arrogant prick. This isn’t Houston, this is big boy football. You have a Top 5 job in college football with a senior QB and you lost to Iowa State in Austin. Mensa, my ass.


Well-Known Member
Jun 14, 2007
First Cyclone Memory: 1972 Liberty Bowl on TV with my family in Birmingham.
First Cyclone Game in person: 1978 Hall of Fame Classic @ Legion Field (Became a fan)
First Cyclone Game in Ames: 1989 vs. Ohio University (Became a student)
Season Ticket Holder since 1989 (in the years I have lived in Iowa) (Then and Now)
Iowa State University of Science & Technology Class of 1992 (Loyal Son Forever True!)

I read Three Up, Three Down each week; however, when I saw the title this week, my first thought was: Beat West Virginia, Win the Big Xii Championship Game and Win the Cotton Bowl. Three Up, Three Down!

Let's Go State!
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Well-Known Member
SuperFanatic T2
Aug 17, 2009
As someone else coined in one of the other threads; it is Cyberia to you Tom.

Thinking about it now, that is a good name for the opponents end zone at JTS. The end zone is Cyberia, where opposing offenses are frozen out and never visit.

Cyberia! Good one. How did nobody else think of that until now? Seriously. Now, I will forever remember this game as Tom Herman's exile to Cyberia!

Cyberia > Austin


Plaque + alternates = down in the ladies room
Dec 19, 2008
Chris, I realize not the point of the story, but I am unsure how you can like Tom Herman. Seems like such a douche canoe, top to bottom.
The Zach Smith connection with hookers and coke, strip clubs with high school coaches, his wife wearing "OK Cool, Hook Em" shirts, Herman whining about horns down but strutting around on the sideline like a doosh.


Well-Known Member
Jul 6, 2010
The Zach Smith connection with hookers and coke, strip clubs with high school coaches, his wife wearing "OK Cool, Hook Em" shirts, Herman whining about horns down but strutting around on the sideline like a doosh.
Yeah, seems douche all the way. I suppose we all have a friend or two like that. I do think we are really seeing how Matt's personality/demeanor flows through the program....business like, but he is fun/funny and the guys respect him.

Like, Id picture a player who is dating and both head coaches meet the woman.

Matt: "Very nice to meet you." And then pulling the guy aside later and reminding him to respect her and treat her right.

Herman: Winks at her...later tells guy "I'd hit that.....is she the real deal or your side piece?"
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Well-Known Member
Jul 17, 2011
Cedar Falls
Tom is a morally corrupt loser. Coupled with the fact that he is an arrogant ******* makes me not care what happens to him. He and his family will be secure financially for the rest of their lives. Why would I feel sorry for him?
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