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    There is tremendous speculation right now as to whom will be taking over the reins of ISU wrestling. There are some great candidates out there some without ISU ties. Many of you have cast your line to whomever and I submit to you overall it doesn't make much difference.

    In wrestling the head coach probably counts for less than any other head coach is any sport. The Head coach is the "DRAW!" He is the one the kids will gravitate to especially if he's a great wrestler and had a great career. Recruiting spins off of his sphere of influence, but the actual "Coaching" is borne by the assistants.

    Most head coaches may or may not be able to get out there and grovel with his team. Most assistants can and will. MOST of these "ANIMALS" that are recruited have been wrestling since the 4-5th grade. MOST are champions at some point in time, Juniors, nationals, junior nationals, mcDonalds, Arbys, High-school, back yard whatever. I doubt that ANY head coach is going to "SHOW" any of these guys "new" moves as much as to perfect what they already have. That muh friend is where these assistants come to life.

    Years ago when Gable was in his prime he was the draw. Many of his assistants were the grinders and sometimes cannon fodder for those buzz-saws Gable created. Dan programmed the mindset for these students. The assistants pounded it into them. Brands is a friggin animal, wired tight and would rather fight than breathe. His wrestlers don't fall too far from that tree.
    Cael while a great wrestler is the kind of guy you bring home to your Mom and sit around the table, hold hands, and sing KUMBAYA! Great wrestler, too nice a guy. But he will be the "Draw."

    I want a Coach you CAN"T bring home to supper because he'd eat the friggin table, bend the spoons and Pi$$ in the punch. I want a Coach that will leave his family in Church to go outside and demonstrate a "BAR-ARM" series to the wise guy eyeballing the females. I want a coach that his word and passion is for the University and not chasing a damn blue-bird (MONEY) thats loyal to a fault. I want a Coach that will tell Cael Sanderson that he needs to tighten their headgear as when the Clones get ahold of him next year that we want a piece of his a$$ as he took a piece of our hearts. I want a Coach that when the Iowa State School Song plays..... he gets tears in his eyes yet can't wait to tear someones damn head off.

    I want a Coach that will hire assistants that are mirror images of themselves and are so intense that fist-fights break out in the wrestling room. See, Banachs, Brands, Randalls, all Gables little Buzz-Saws. I want assistants to be our front guard and will take on anyother assistants from anyother school anytime, anywhere.

    And this is a big one. Theres too much respect going around. It seems the buzz word is respect. Respect for your Coach, fans, sure, I'll agree. but this bs about respecting your opponent is crap. These guys are coming into Ames with one intention, to whip our butts. In the land of the Vikings, they would (after drubbing our sorry butts ) rape our women, steal our goods, burn our houses, and spear the damn dog leaving town.
    I want a Coach that welcomes the Vikings sort of speak. I want a Coach who will along with his wrestlers "STOMP a mudhole in their sorry a$$es and proceed to walk it dry!"

    I want a Coach that will hit them so hard between the eyes it will look like they are starring out of a cave. How dare they! We are Iowa State. You think I am afraid of someone from Pennsylvania? Bullsh!t! Bring him on. Respect for your oponent is overblown, over-rated, and IMO, un-necessary. It's a policy written by "Liberals" that can't fight. Its a cowards verbiage. I want a TEAM that leaves opponents wondering why they ever came out for the sport in the first place. I want a team that crushes them, thats constantly moving forward and holds on to NOTHING. Except their arms and legs and cuts them three ways, DEEP, WIDE, and FREQUENT!

    AFTER, the match, we stick our hands out and shake their hand, pat them on their back, thank them for being a wrestler, wish them luck and tell them where the best PIZZA place is in Ames. AFTER! Not before, not during, AFTER! Then watch as they "LIMP" out of town hollering to them, "have a nice trip home and come back again now ya hear? We WILL see you at your place soon. Oh, BTW, Better lock up your women!!! IB
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    Sorry, I don't think Stone Cold Steve Austin is a candidate. :wink:
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    Would you please be more specific on what you are looking for?
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    I want Kurt Angle!
  5. ISU_REV

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    I WANT iowaboy
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    I want Holyfield.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHHS0DmTpdM"]YouTube - SNL Chris Farley - Norman Schwartzkopf[/ame]
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    Coach Gullickson? is that you? I thought you were a Notre Dame fan?

    Funny story. My high school defensive coordinator played for Notre Dame on their '73 National Championship team; he was an intense feller. He always gave speeches exactly like that and at the end we had this one kid who is probably a sociopath get real into it (kid had a speech impediment) and he would always say something really weird and crazy like PILAAAAAAGE! after the speech. You probably had to be there but, his speech impediment was hilarious and it sounded like Pil-its. We always made him say "oh sit, theress a bomb in the kitsin and samu is making sandwitses!"

    Before you people get all angrypants on me, he embraced the speech impediment which is why we could make fun of it. Otherwise we wouldnt have.

    But in anycase, I agree with what iowaboy said except the part about the HC being a figurehead. I would PREFER it if he could get in there and bang around with the guys like Cael did, but if he can't (heskett) it would be fine as long as he brings in someone who can.
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    Ps. I want THIS guy.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV-DO8WAq5g&feature=related]YouTube - Mike Singletary Full Press Conference. Awesome.[/ame]
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    DAMN, I'm ready to rip somebody's F&#*$# head off!

    Let me at 'em!
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    I like the way you think
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    Is that a "Back to School" reference? If so, +1 to you.
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    I want Batista. we would have 10 nat champs with the Batista-Bomb!!
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    I like the attitude...

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    I'll pass on brands...and you're ideal candidate for a coach is who? Wait couldnt care that much cause you're a hawk fan.
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    Me too.

    P.S. - General Patton would be proud.
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    Do I sound Like a Hawk fan? I had two boys go to ISU. Nuff said.

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