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  • 78.. that was the last time before this last summer that my corps made finals night...
    Thanks for the rep. Most Clones really know nothing about the TX- A&M rivalry and how close the UT fans are to the arrogance of some Hawk brethren.

    Like every fan base, there are good and bad, respectfully an arrogant fans. Most Clones probably admire the Horns because of the national records. That is fine and they also say UT fans are nice to Clone fans. That is probably true because they do not see us a a threat at all. Wait till we beat them, then see how nice they are.

    Win or lose, I will take the Aggies and their type of fans any day. My son i currently an Aggie so we get down there quite a bit.

    Did you take lessons from David Stuart?

    I haven't played in years, but I'm about to start teaching my 11 year old to play.

    Where does your father teach?
    I played trombone in the Marching Band, Pep Bands and the jazz bands at ISU. My father is a music teacher in central Iowa, so music was kind of a way of life for me. I am currently playing jazz trombone with several professional bands in the Denver area.
    Do you still play?
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