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  • Totally agree with you on Lebron. I guess us who have eyes will just have to keep fighting the good fight.
    Yes I do. Worked there since December, live in Cedar Rapids still. Nice to know there are a few Clone fans near!
    Confession time - it took me forever to realize your new name was still you (even with the sig update). Charlie is what helped me. :)
    "How long have I been standing here?" - Charlie
    "I don't know... like a couple of seconds..." - Dennis
    "Seriously????" - Charlie

    I love me some Sunny.
    You. Are. Awesome. That's hilarious - for some reason, Dennis in the robe with no shirt underneath slayed me. I cannot WAIT for September - football and It's Always Sunny. :wink:
    Charlie's back!!! Yay!! :wink: I'm hoping the season(s) is/are sooner rather than later - I was just watching "The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby", too - it's so very wrong, but so very funny.
    yeah, I'll prolly bring Charlie back soon...I saw the show got resigned so there will be another season(s) to come!
    I miss your Charlie avatar! :wink:

    Rewatched the "Hundred Dollar Baby" episode last night!
    Nice, I got it for Xmas, I love the "Hundred Dollar Baby" episode where Dee and Charlie end up on roids. I just love the scene where Charlie is eating the sandwich before Mac and Dennis sign him up for the underground fight. I died laughing first time I saw it and had to keep going back and replaying it.
    I LOVE that show!! Just got the Season 1&2 on DVD last night at Best Buy - it was on sale for only $20!!!
    I've been meaning to ask you for a while - is your avatar Charlie Day from "It's Always Sunny"??? Sorry to bother you!
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