Fighting Camera Tickets?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mustangcy, Aug 19, 2016.

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    Sep 7, 2015
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    I received one of these about a year and a half ago. I was also doing 67. I knew I was speeding because I wanted to get through there as fast as I could. I just paid the ticket because I knew I was breaking the law whether or not it was a camera or a cop.
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    I have been anti-traffic cameras since they started popping up in the state years ago. They are nothing but money grabs and lazy traffic enforcement. Windsor Heights requested (and was denied) to have cameras put up along their 1 mile stretch of I-235 is a perfect example of them being money grabs. Many of the areas they claim these are necessary to have them can sometimes be fixed by either lowering the speed limit, timing the traffic lights better, fixing an engineering deficiency, or worse case more officer patrol presence which essentially has the same effect as what the cameras do which is if people know they are there they will abide by the traffic laws better. The cameras I dislike the most are the speed cameras on I-235 because most of the accidents there happen during rush hour when no one is going 11mph + over the speed limit plus most out of town travelers don't even know they are there too. It's funny to see the cops line up along the on ramps during state tournaments and pile up some tickets too. At least with that they are actually doing some enforcement although it's probably a lot easier with all the out of town folks not used to the area and speed limit changes.

    For the record I have never gotten a camera issued ticket and only had 2 speeding tickets in my life with the last one coming in 2004. But if I ever got a ticket by one of these cameras and it was clear I was speeding or ran a light I wouldn't protest it, I'd pay it. I just disagree with the use of them because I feel they are less about safety and more about putting easy money into budgets. If it was about safety then the money generated by those cameras should be going to charities or some kind of cause or organizations that promote traffic safety, etc. and not general city budget funds.
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    The cop uses a tool, radar gun, to determine your speed. The guy using the camera is also using a tool to determine your speed. In both cases, you can challenge the guy operating the tool
    I think a camera is more likely to be abetter tool and does not take donnut bribes.
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    So since I just got a second warning to pay a $75 speeding ticket, do I pay it?

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