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  • How do i do the “spoiler” thing on mobile? I want to post a message, but want to have part of it under a spoiler cover.
    Sorry for the delay. I think there's a symbol on the menu bar for it, but I don't have CF on mobile any more, so I'm not sure which one it is.
    Hey Scott, I heard that Lima has been battling back pain for quite some time. How would you suggest that I contact him or a trainer to get them to try an Actipatch for his back? By the way, the NHS in England is actually paying for them for patients over 65, and Dr. Scholls (Bayer) is meeting with Biel to put the product in shoes! FDA close to granting full over the counter clearance for its use in the US!
    Not sure on that one, but I’m sure the athletic training staff would be the place to start.
    I really had to bite my tongue (figuratively) to keep from saying something to Cat Stevens. 98% of his posts consist of smarmy criticism, or the like. I wanted to ask him if it gets lonely up there on his pedestal. He doesn't really contribute anything to the conversation except negativity.
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    Yeah, he seems to exist to critique the positions of everyone else while offering none of his own.
    On a personal note, I hope you stay off the heaters. They ended my Father-Laws life at 62, and now he won't be around to teach my son to read greens. Lord knows he was much better than I at it. Hopefully, you get many more years.
    Has anyone heard anything from or about Wesley? The man was a CF institution, and then he just disappeared. It would be sad if something happened to him, and no one gave a ****....
    Several have mentioned, but no real way of telling. I'm hoping he decided to set up a new account or something.
    Likewise, Cyclonepride. I have no personal dislike of anyone in these discussions...Americans disagree on issues and its good that everyone can express what they think. Hakuna Matata!
    ISUAggie gave me a preview of what he's got planned for when Mizzou leaving becomes "official" - it's epic, trust me...
    I figured I had to qualify... mostly because it would make you laugh. :biggrin:
    You can get my avatar from Wide Right & Natty Lite - A Satirical Look at Iowa State Sports and Other Stuff. It's on one of their basketball posts.
    Looked for you, too, but it was so packed, it wouldn't have worked.

    Awesome game!!! What a first one for your son :)
    Where are you physically located? There's a decent computer shop at 42nd and University in DSM that would be cheapest of the "have someone look at it" option.
    My backstage exploits are not nearly as entertaining as the Go Go's, though. :wink:
    I probably shouldn'thave shared that little tidbit of info, but I figure you'd enjoy it as much as I did. :wink:
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