Considering switching from Android to iPhone


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Mar 17, 2006
I have been a pretty faithful Android user from early on, but lately I'm feeling a little... jaded, with regards to Google's stuff. I'm getting sick of receiving what feels like also-ran treatment, between my phones which are regularly abandoned by the manufacturer within 6 months to a year of purchase, to my WearOS-based watch that integrates well with my phone but is a subpar experience is almost every way compared to most other wearables (with little hope in sight of any real response from Google). My current phone is an LG V30, and it was the first Android phone that I paid "flagship" price for. Never again. The phone is "nice", sure, but it was abandoned by LG within 1.5 years of purchase. It was even supposed to be a part of some program Google was doing to guarantee more updates. Hah. It's now 3.5 years old, and although that might be "old" by phone standards, it isn't in reality, but already the vibration motor is broken, the headphone jack barely works, and the fancy "Quad DAC" that you're supposed to the headphone jack with doesn't work at all. The screen is nice and the battery is still decent, but come on. Combined with the fact that the version of Android and any LG software will never ever be updated again, and I can't believe I paid the money I did for it. Then there's my old Samsung tablet, with a beautiful screen, but immensely out of date since Samsung abandoned it 5+ years ago. I'd blame it's sluggishness on age, but it's always been a ****** performer, particularly when web browsing, and especially when compared to my wife's iPad, which is exactly just as old. They were both new at the time we got them, and hers still gets iOS updates and still runs circles around my tablet in terms of smoothness and performance. Seriously, wtf.

tl;dr, I'm sick of Google seemingly abandoning all their projects and not showing the kind of focus to actually polish their existing ones. So I'm considering switching to iPhone. Anyone else feel the same? Or do you want to talk me out of it?
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Apr 8, 2006
I’m not going to talk you out of it, but will say I’m a big Apple fan. I left PC land in 2001 and have never looked back.

In short, Apple makes a good product that’s well designed and works right out of the box. I like that all my Apple devices can see/network with each other. Apple is a very comfortable ecosystem.


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Mar 15, 2006
Buy a Samsung Galaxy.
Yeah, i was gonna say, if you don't like feeling like you're running an 'also-ran' phone, you probably don't want to be on an LG.

Samsung's phones are generally the front-runners of the android brand. And arguably are better than bare android at this point, usually including features a few years before google integrates them into the OS.


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Apr 29, 2006
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Full Disclosure: I've used an iPhone since the 4. I had an android phone before then but that had to be circa 2009 so it's hardly a fair comparison.

People love to knock Apple for planned obsolescence, their control over their app market and a host of other things (including Apple fanboys which is hilarious coming from Android fanboys), but they've got a huge part of the US market for a reason. Their devices just work and work well. Yeah Android phones might get fancier software features ahead of Apple, but for probably 90% of people that doesn't matter (just like the processor speeds and everything else). About the only thing people care about now is the camera's performance (and honestly I'd bet most of that is a placebo effect as well.

I run an iPhone 8 (work phone that's right around 3 yrs old), a Xs (personal phone that's probably 2.5 yrs old) and an iPad that's probably 5-6 years old. The two phones are starting to show a little bit of age with battery life (not horrible by any stretch of the imagination). The iPad is definitely showing it's age in battery life but otherwise in terms of speed/screen/features they all are working fine.

I guess the tl;dr is: Won't know until you try something different.


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Jul 12, 2014
I’m not sure I’d ever switch back from an iPhone. I was a staunch Android guy because of the customization but ever since I had to make the switch with work, it has been all iPhone. Android phones probably have the best cameras and the newest features but honestly, IDGAF. An iPhone has everything I need. I use facetime all the time which is unavailable on an android. The simplicity is awesome. I started with an iPhone 7 and have had an 8 and now a 10.

I’m not an apple guy through and through because I still prefer windows over IOS.


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Oct 20, 2006
I've always have had Android phones but I stick with Ipad's for tablets and my wife is all Apple for everything. I don't put ipads and iphones in the same category, for me a tablet is open app/close app and the ipad doesn't cost a huge premium. Here are my thoughts on phones:

If I'm recommending a phone to my mother or someone else not tech savvy, Apple all the way. They are easier to use and locked down so you can't screw things up.

For me, I like the Android OS better and it works out better for me. For example:

A year ago my wife bought an iphone 10 pro, which costs around $1,100. It's a great phone.

This year I bought a Samsung S20 FE for $600. Hardware wise, it's better in most categories. It runs smooth, screen looks great, a lot bigger, battery life is good, etc.

If I'm looking at spending the same amount of money, I can pretty much get a new Android phone every 2 years and my wife needs to wait nearly 4. Lately there hasn't been as many advancements in cell phones and keeping them 4 years is a lot easier but I'd rather just get a new phone every 2-3 years. When I've had issues with Android phones in the past, it always seem to be around the 3 year mark. Now if I was comfortable paying $1,100+ for a phone, I would seriously consider an iphone but I would have a hard time keeping it for 4-5 years to justify the price.

I see Apple kind of like a Toyota 4 Runner. You're paying double the price for 2 things, image and reliability and giving in on a lot of other features(handling, performance, tech, mpg, etc). The mid tier Android phones are kind of like a Mazda CX-5. It's a lot cheaper, actually has new features, rides nice, etc. If you insist on keeping a vehicle forever and need it to be bulletproof, you look past all the downfalls and buy the 4runner because you know what you're getting.


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Aug 12, 2018
I am on my third Android phone in about 10 years right now (Motorola Electrify, Samsung S6 (only 32gb storage) and S9), and I have an Iphone 6 for work. The Iphone sits in the desk as a paper weight for 98% of the month. I hate using it. my Samsung Galaxy S9 still gets updates regularly and runs fantastic same with the fiancées S9+.


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Nov 2, 2009
I hate Apple everything, except for my work phone. I'd get an Apple personal cell if I wasn't too cheap to ditch my Republic Wireless plan. I despise my wife's apple laptop, all their cord changing nonsense, etc, but their cell phones just seem to work well. They also synch easier with my Beats ear buds.


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May 26, 2008
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I've never owned an Apple product. Won an iPod back in the day and hated it. Gave it away.

Bought a Pixel phone recently. Camera is as good or better than my wife's iPhone at less than half of the price.

Isn't the new Apple watch compatible with Google now?


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Mar 25, 2006
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I have a gaming PC, an Apple Macbook Air, and a work Windows 10 laptop. I've also owned iPhone's since the OG, but I've used a lot of Android phones along the way too just to test the other side. Windows/Mac is just about preference now really. Windows 10 is amazing, however, so is the Big Sur on Mac. I love both computers for very different reasons, so there is not just one size fits all.

Regarding phones, I have yet to find a reason to switch away from Apple. The privacy issue is a real issue. Apple makes their money off selling you devices and physical products (even though they have really started pushing services more lately), but Google makes their money off services, your data, and advertisements. Which one of those companies is more willing to care about your privacy?
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Jan 5, 2009
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I've always had only IPhones. But I keep stuff a long time. Since 2001 I've owned exactly 5 cell phones, the last two being IPhones. I went with IPhone because my sister had one and my best friend had one and they could show me the features. My last and current is an X. I plan to keep it another 3 years at least. That said, my other friend has an LG and is constantly complaining about it losing signal on data and wifi.

I've always had Windows OS computers and laptops. They seem to always break or bog down after a few years. My current sometimes takes up to 10 minutes to fully reboot. And hinges are broken as is the CD/DVD drawer and one corner of the case is cracked and losing bits and pieces over time. I'm actually considering going MAC next time. Possibly a tablet. I will have to do some research when the time comes.

I also hate what is inevitably lost when you move to new hardware. I know "the cloud". I still always find I'm missing something in the migration process. (Hint-if you get a new IPhone the items in your NOTES app are gone for good. So make sure you have the info somewhere else if you are going to need it.)


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Jan 2, 2010
I just prefer the user interface on my Android phone, having used both. The fact that they can match up specs to a comparable iPhone for a couple hundred less is just a bonus. We personally have not had any issue with our Android phones over the course of their life, but my kids had cheaper models that showed longevity issues.


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Jun 20, 2006
I switched from andriod to apple at iPhone5. It took a while to get used to the layout, and the functionality.

Personally, I am happy I made the switch, and I prefer iPads over other tablets. Where in my tablet is an extension of my phone.

Now for PCs, I prefer Windows. But for our phones, iPhone works and is reliable (sans teenagers). Facetime is our new phone call between family members. LOVE THAT.
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Apr 11, 2006
I personally prefer android because that's what our entire house is setup with from phones to tablets to my nest that i use as an alarm clock. Making a switch would cost a small fortune now.

I made the decision long ago and I don't know if change that now. I really like the apple hardware. It's solid and with a single manufacturer you know what you're going to get. But I just don't like the OS. It feels like something designed for a child.

As far as the android hardware, stick with a brand instead of jumping around. I like the Google devices for my phone and Motorola phones for my kids since they are much cheaper. Both run bare Android, so the experience is the same between them. Google does stand behind their phones well for updates and the phones hold up for a decent amount of time. Batteries always seem to be the weak link and I'll usually get 3-4 years before I'm ready to upgrade because the battery won't hold a charge through an entire day any longer.

But...if you really want a smart watch, android is not right for you. Samsung does make a decent watch that currently runs on their own OS, but they'll be back to Wear OS in the next generation supposedly. Other than that, there are no real premium watches like apple has.


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Apr 11, 2006
I got the 4a 5g. Don't recommend the extra cost to go 5g.

I do not see a big difference in performance compared to my old 4g phone.
I also got the 4a 5g but that was for the extra RAM and screen size than the 5g feature. It's basically a pixel 5 with a little cheaper build materials and no wireless charging. The 4a has a slower processor.