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  • Do you ever make the Cincinnati Chili from the packets? I always keep a few on hand, as most of the family loves it. I've got my mom's old recipes for it, but a little too much work. Looks like those Reds are the real deal this year.
    I am from Ohio. Born in Cincinnati, then Dayton and Mansfield. Spent a lot of time going back to Cincinnati for visits while growing up. You? Have you tried Angelo's yet?

    Was a Reds fan until I got out of college and lived in St. Louis for three years. Been a Cardinal ever since. Reds are ticking me off this year. They can't lose!
    Went great. I ended up doing a Irish Red Ale with Liberty hops (only used a half oz.) that I sweetened it up with almost a pound of honey. I did this before with an extract recipe, minus the honey and used the full oz of hops, and it turned out amazing. I'm hoping to bottle it either Sunday night or Wednesday night.
    Thanks- Its an addictive hobby thats for sure. Plus is always good to have another hobby that involves alcohol and actually the production of it vs just consumption. Thats not to say that compsumption doesnt happen as well :smile:
    You gonna be able to play Saturday? Seems like your status has been "offline" forever.
    Ah, I could tell since you played a couple guys that were out and a defense that had a bye week. I'm runudown in that league, I know everyone else in that league but Kent Penney. I just figured it would be odd to have two people named Ian O'Connor around here.
    Do you happen to be the same Ian O'Connor that plays fantasy football in the Iowa State Cyclones league on Fox Sports? (team name Ian)
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