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  • Believe it or not, I did. The last election was basically two democrats, McCain is a fake republican. I voted for the one who could inspire people. I figured either he'd do all the crap he promised and wouldn't that be great. Or he'd screw it up so bad he'd inspire OTHERS to rise up.
    I know that article is two years old...that is kind of my point, missouri was never happy in this conference going back to goes against the narrative they are trying to establish that they are the good guys who had to leave the evil b12
    If I knew anyone in the CR area...!!! (Or just even single for that matter!)
    She was holding it right in front of her face! I could have been laying flat on my back and seen it!
    Dude - Are you guys doing anything to get the site back in the good graces of TrustedSource? McAfee is still blocking the site at my office. I'm still able to access, however, by getting onto my home pc using TeamViewer. If there is a way to waste time, I will find it.
    Thanks for the laugh Joel. And thanks for saying Hi, it is always great to meet a person on CF you 'actually' know.
    Beating my soccer team is no big deal. They are the soccer equivalent of the Bad News Bears. I'll have to consider your friend request. I'm kind of a one man wolf pack. :)
    I understood you were joking..I actually had a good laugh over it. Thanks for the rep. :notworthy:
    Haha! hope you like the show, its very catchy. Now you'll understand half of my references.
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