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  • I wanted to apologize for my doom and gloom comment in the virus thread. I am not trying to downplay the situation. My goal was to encourage others to stay positive in this difficult situation.
    why should it be easy for me to find u? i have a crap ton of friend requests. just give me the 1st name and i can look with that...
    Man, I sure expect our leaders to get it and get ruthless Texas/Big10/Pac10/A&M style. At least I hope so.
    Partied in Northgate on Halloween this year. About 1/3rd of the people out were in costumes. Don't get me wrong, it was a blast, but it's all bars. In college I always loved a good house party, and Halloween was nothing but.

    It just seemed like compared to other places, people weren't that into the Halloween thing.
    I was going to talk to you about this...was told by someone that you were lekaing info, and you haven't exactly been supportive, or even coherent at all times, on the main board.
    My hope is that they're trying to do some due dilligence, or at least some digging. My only fear is that they're going to have the same reaction as a bunch of the other people who simply don't get it, at see it as a non story.
    I've looked at the contract several times. I've been told directly by Associate AD that the contract calls for three years of automatic extensions. As a lawyer, I can tell you that that is complete ********.
    Remember the Bridgemen? We used to study the old DCI tapes during a free periods at school. A couple of my old buddies went on to march with the Cavaliers. One of them taught with the Cavs for several years. We were living and breathing Drum Corps for a couple of years there.
    I marched with the Colts in the summer of 1978. I joined the a Corps in Marshalltown in the fall of 1978, but it didn't materialize.

    I played Contra.

    I played Bass Trombone at ISU under Dave Stuart and Joe Christianson.
    Hey, this is Kelly Lau. Thanks for posting rational thoughts and explanations in the "Dear Pep Band" thread. Do people really think all it takes to play an instrument is to hear some song on the radio??
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