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  • Geez Palmer my bad.
    I just saw where you texted me about whether or not I was going to KC. Sorry I didn't catch it sooner!
    Absolutely nothing personal!! I'm too used to PM's I guess.
    I hope you and yours are well.
    Thank you kind sir. Was kinda surprised it wasn't stickied or something and only 3 pages of posts? Weird
    CF not doing a NCAA pick em contest this year? Looked all over the site and couldn't find anything
    Yeah I guess I've kind of disappeared from the messageboard scene a little bit. I seem to be on Twitter alot more, but I should probably stop by ever now and then. So is this guy crazier then Perrault and Miller combined?
    This is officially beyond stupid...So feel free to quit messaging me. I'll decide what I do, thanks...Take care.
    I'm curious, how much time you waste every day on here? How shallow does a person have to be to allow an internet post to effect their life? You did make me laugh this morning.
    Not bad. Took a little CF break for a couple weeks but have been interested again for the last week or so (gotta keep the ITG's in their place of course) :smile:
    I had Kottman for "America and the Cold War since 1950" in 1994. One day I arrived early for class and he set me up. He said when he started class, he wanted me to ask him the question "If you had been drafted during Vietnam, would you have gone?" I told his it sounded like a set-up, but he assured me it wasn't. Anyway, at the beginning of class he asked if there were any questions. I raised my hand and asked, "If you were drafted during Vietnam, would you have gone?" He quickly replied sternly, "Edmondson, that's a stupid question! Are there any other questions?" I appreciate a good joke. God, I loved that man.
    Hi, Palmer. It was just that the thread creator said he wanted the thread to be about the historic moment and not about divisive politics. I meant to stay with that request, but forgot. . . . ;-)
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