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  • Can you recheck the total amount of runs in yesterday's Grand Salami? I saw "The Captain" had posted 113 runs and the under prevailed. I was the only poor sap to take the over and had 133 as the total. Thanks.
    I bet the over on the Washington vs. Arizona game last night and never got my winnings for the over. Thanks for posting all the games!
    I don't rep often, but I'm in a good mood:smile: I'm still in a state of euphoric shock over the awesomeness of tonight.
    Absolutely my pleasure! It's a time like no other - take care of each other!
    That's the best attitude you can possibly have! A loss is unspeakably awful, but all you can do is hope for good things and do everything you can to help the baby! There are lots of great sites, too, that have message boards - www.babycenter.com and www.thebump.com have places that tell you how big the baby is, what you can/can't do, etc.
    You should definitely be right on target for a heartbeat! It usually shows up between 5 and 6 weeks - even if you turn out to be on the early side for the heartbeat, they'll be able to see how many sacs there are still. The heartbeat(s) will be a teeny tiny little flutter -- it's pretty amazing! We did something similar, so I know how exciting it is when you finally reach that result you've been praying for! The biggest congrats to you!!
    lol - true enough! And I bet she didn't expect there to be many women on here (which there aren't!). Hopefully the next couple of weeks fly by for you until the ultrasound - how far along would she be at that time? The baby (or babies!) kind of looks like a jelly bean up until about 8 weeks - then it/they kind of looks like a teddy bear for a while!
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