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  • Dan: Wanted to let you know (rub it in actually) that we are leaving for Ontario on Thursday morning for the walleye opener on Saturday. I'll be thinking of you as I have a cold Labatt's and an after dinner cigar. Cheers!
    Well, I don't know about MY mind being great. If anything, it is slow on the upswing!!
    Hmmmm. I suppose it could happen, we are who we are. I see that there is a thread to that affect. I've got to say I would be disappointed, as I'm sure PR would be. It is the nature of the business for good or for bad. I expect Chris would see it as a career building move.
    Darn it.
    Things going well with the family. We are all sitting eating popcorn for supper(tradition since I was knee high to a grasshopper) and watching disney channel until the girls go to bed. After figuring out what your avatar was, I had to watch the 3 Lord of the Ring movies so I could figure out who Balrog was. How did you decide to use that for your avatar? Keep your head up and hopefully the shoulder heals quickly. Like I told you, it will work out one way or the other so stay positive there brother!!
    Thanks 91, you are the best. Work has me bummed a bit. Threw the shoulder out at work and what with the slow-down in the economy, I am concerned about my deemed usefulness to the company right now. We have already had a couple of layoffs, and I sure don't want to be the next. I looked forward to NLI day that now that it is over, I don't know what to do with myself on the board. I think that Herman is going to be a dynamic change to the offensive mindset of this team. There will be a lot of excitement and attention shown to the Cyclones this fall in my humble opinion. Herman has had the biggest influx of talent and speed that he has ever had. I hope he feels like a kid in a candy store!
    How is the family? I think of them often.
    How goes the battle Balrog? Hadn't heard much from you lately so thought I would send you a message making sure all is well.
    I wonder if he would be interested, because I have a feeling that he wants to be the next Nebraska coach. If he is in the XII his contract would probably have a clause that states he can't leave for another job in the Big XII. Would he have a clause written that says his dream job is Nebraska?
    I got the answer from Chadm. I finally realized that I should be looking to see if the little green figure is green! He helped me with a phone number question. Thank you just the same. Have a wonderful evening Angie.
    I haven't been able to be on much lately, but am on for the moment. What's up?
    Oh, you are way too kind!! Seriously - it's great to have a poster who is so positive to everyone. It really adds a lot to the site, and makes it a much more fun place to be around!! :notworthy: It's a little bit of a rarity when things get charged up, so it's a breath of fresh air!!! And thank YOU!!

    (P.S. - You did perfectly! :wink:)
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