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  • Hahaha thanks for the rep man. And yes Clones21 kind of completes this site. All threads that he posts in should be off limits to the mods lol
    Much better movie than I thought it would be. That van is even more funny to my friends and myself because I used to own 2 vans identical to that and we did crap exactly like steal 9 puppies.
    You'll have to ask him next time you see him. My name is Marc and I roomed with Bill. If he was there I'm guessing he'll remember us.
    Thanks, it was 9th floor (can't remember the name now), and it would have been my 94/95 year I think.

    Edit: Forget the first edit, now that I think about it more it would have been the end of my freshman year, so 92 actually. Sheez, I need to quit drinking so much.
    Ha ha- thanks, Hopp. Looks like my posts got deleted which I think is hilarious. Jesus would make a great quarterback though.
    Per your question, I believe a scholly. I think he'll get his chance at QB, but could switch positions too.
    Google Images. You apparently haven't seen the movie Tropic Thunder, it's from that. Pretty good. Worth seeing.
    Thanks for the good post! That's as rational as anything will be on that subject.

    After all, why rate again a committed prospect? Readers aren't looking for info on them.
    Unfortunately no. Biggest regret of my life. I've been a big fan since my youth, but that's starting to wane a bit. Just don't enjoy the shows as much as I used too. We all have our opinions on that. My pipe dream is a Colts senior corps, but I know that's not going to happen. Check out the bottom left hand corner of each post. There is a little blue checkmark. That's how you dish out reputation or rep. Enjoy the site.
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