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    SUCKTEMBER: Matt Campbell Teams not ready to start the season.

    Hey guys, things are going well now, but let's dwell on something that sucks and cannot be changed.
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    Saw Dune

    I love watching movies with her, but for movies that are clearly interesting to me, and clearly not for her, I struggle because I have so little free time, and when left to my own devices, that time is going to be spent watching sports or with the TV off. There are a lot of movies that I really...
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    Friday OT #2 - So, So, So Scandalous

    I read pretty much everything I could get my hands on regarding 9/11 (much of it clearly propaganda, but a lot of it was very informative). The 9/11 Commission Report was fascinating. As was The Looming Tower (great book, also a mini series on Hulu now) and Terrorizing Ourselves (book on risk...
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    Saw Dune

    I get the feeling that my wife would get bored with it, as she tends to complain that something needs to happen if the movie goes too long without significant events (and yet can somehow sit through a Woody Allen movie contently).
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    [COMMITMENT WATCH] 2022 RB Cartevious Norton "Perkins has attended multiple Kohl's ranking camps in 2021. His most recent was the National Scholarship Camp in TN. He has graded out at the 5 star level multiple times. His scores of 122.33, 114.70, 112, and 111.68 at these events...
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    Wide Receiver Quiz Time. Try this one!

    I think he had a pretty big senior year
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    Wide Receiver Quiz Time. Try this one!

    Weird note- I got that one right (presumably) guessing 12, but the text below said, "correct, he scored 10 touchdowns", so I don't know if I got that right or not lol
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    ***Official 2021 Weather Thread***

    It will be insanely snowy and super cold.
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    [COMMITMENT WATCH] 2022 RB Cartevious Norton

    And an outstanding punter at that
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    Big 12 rules change on traveling

    Georges Niang should have about 75% of his travels redacted from the record.
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    Big 12 rules change on traveling "“There’s certain moves that have filtered down over the years and we really wanted the rules...
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    Bowl Projections

    I went way too many years as a Cyclone fan with a bowl as nothing but an idle dream, so I'm not about to show too much disdain toward yet another bowl game to look forward to. Obviously, I have my preferences though, and I think this team will achieve a great one.
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    ***Okie St Week Thread***

    I want to see a lot of controlled run blitzes. Put on pressure, keep containment, and when he does throw it, make sure that he can't do so comfortably. I think that leads to some turnovers.
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    Way way WAY Too Early Depth Chart for 2022

    It seems like it has been a while since we had a quarterback that had the time to mature while waiting in the wings. I could be wrong, but it seems like the last one was Rosenfels. That worked out okay ;)