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  • Indianola.....we have a sister company with some IT guys, and I'm going to let them look at it today. If they can't figure it out, I might try that. Thanks for the help!
    Haha, I had a lot of fun with that thread. I'll probably make sure to post to that thread when I am in sunny Tempe, AZ.
    Just what I was thinking.
    Dont know why it didnt go through.
    I have a couple things figured out and I just feel like screaming it out.
    I also appreciate your eloquence - you don't hear "whilst" nearly as often as you should. :)
    LOL - thank you. I try to make each one original. :wink: It's nice that someone sees it!
    Yes, NC=North Central

    We're going back to get into my family's farm. Haven't figured out what I'm going to do up there yet....
    We always had season tickets growing up; going to the meets are some of my favorite Cyclone memories. My parents still have tickets, but we're too far away to make it worth going. Hopefully that'll change soon when we move.
    After his recent ruling on babes pics, this would probably demand a three month timeout.
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