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  • Hey, has the email regarding he CF bowl trip gone out yet? Signed up but just want to make sure I didn't miss it.
    Chris, any word on a watch party in Myrtle Beach for Saturday? I would vote for in or near the ocean. RipTydz is new and has a lot of space on 3 levels.
    Chris...from 10/26/17 radio...Pizano's is legit deep dish, you led the crew to a true gem. Lived near downtown Chicago for 15 years. The most legit deep dish places off the tourist radar are Pizano's and Pequod's. In fact I'd rank those two above all the well known chains.
    I'm guessing there's a licensing issue but I was wondering if there was anyway we can get the post game call in show as a podcast whether it be on this site or elsewhere? Thanks.
    I believe you had mentioned that you were looking for ideas for the next Off the Record Podcast. I think it would be cool to have Jamie Pollard on. I always like to hear him talk and with the start of football season coming up, it may be fun to hear some of the new things going on in the athletic department.
    If someone is going to be giving the the power to ban people or be a moderator they should either not post on the board, or be adult enough to take what they dish out. Moderators should have an open mind. Bawbie thinks it's Ok to call all trump supports racists, sexists, misogynists, but I say Hillary has a dirty mouth and I get banned. What's up with that?
    Hey Chris - what does the expression "jimlad" mean that I see on the blogs so often? Thanks for illuminating!
    Hey Chris. Tough game today but I've got some hope now for good things this year and in the future. Maybe I missed it, but any word on a bus trip to Kansas on Nov 12. Really want to take my son again. Thank you for all you do for us Fanatics!
    I know you just started the reboot and want glitches pointed out so, I noticed you forgot an "is" on the first line of your bio. Small thing but figured you'd want to know.
    Can you or another mod change my name for me? As you can imagine, I've garnered a little bit of harsh comments haha! New name: willi_cy2 Thanks
    Hey, Chris. In regard to your bar request, I could build you one depending on the complexity and finish you would like. I live here in Ames, and do construction for a living. I'm not a finish carpenter, but I am capable, have access to tools and have great attention to detail. I am friends with Tom and Michelle Doyle, so they could be used at least as character reference if needed. If interested, I'd be glad to come take a look and hear your plans.

    -Aaron Vanderhoff
    PS. ISU Grad and long time CF member/lurker.
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