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  • Lots of mistakes on scholarshipbreakdown. I listed them all in the thread you just started
    Chris: Thanks for the post. When you're at the next game, please say hello if you see me. I usually hit the Patch.com game and at least one of the others. I look like this, minus the goatee and plus about six years. Todd Richissin | Facebook (Gotta get that pic changed.) Thanks again for the post. It took a little while to figure this site (which is awesome) out, but we'll stay within bounds. todd
    hey Chris -- they started another thread on CR about how coming to this site is dangerous due to viruses, conputer crashings etc. -- thought you should know if you didn't already
    favorite weapon from teenage mutant turtles is a set of NUMBchucks eh? might want to google that spelling you NUNskull (insert smiley emoticon here).
    Chris: are you in Louisville... how can I get a ticket for Sat? Please let me know
    I saw the thread to support your advertisers, and pretty sure that was as a result of my Ankeny game watch thread. That's fine, but do you have anyone working on sportsbar advertisers in the Ankeny area? As a parent, it would be nice to be able to hang out with fellow Clone fans, but not have to drive so far to do it. I realize the demographic, but believe it or not, 40+ guys still like to get out for a few beers and food. No jabbing, just trying to help. Heck, I will pump these places for you.
    Are my threads too graphic now? Just wondering since they are all being moved and are now off of the forums list.

    Hey, did you know Jay-Z dropped your name in his new song? (2:00 mark)

    N****s in Paris - Jay Z and Kanye West (Clean) [HD] - YouTube
    Hi Chris: I have an idea for an article/post: I've seen a thread thanking Rutgers' fans for their travel advice, etc. How about compiling that and putting it "article" format?

    Sometimes we don't have the time to browse the entire site.

    Chris, while I was waiting in line for a bathroom in the tailgating lot before the Iowa game I talked to your dad for a while. I didn't know it was him for a while, but he mentioned it at a point. He was very nice and really seemed to know his stuff. I wanted to let you know that he is one heck of a nice guy.
    I need help! I switched the skin of the forum to "Bottom Bar." Now I can't get back to the original skin. Could you get one of the admins to help me? I can't do much posting with the display as is. I would have posted a new thread in the Feedback/Support forum, but I can't now. Thanks for your assistance.
    What's your take on the new revenue sharing scheme -76% vs 57% spread equally? Do you think it represents a more harmonious feeling among the Big XXII membership, or does it really matter with all schools getting more TV appearances anymway due to the new TV deal?
    Chris, thanks to you and Tron for getting behind the Gridiron Club. It was great to see you in the Spring Game tailgate tent. The GIC really can be a huge part of the financial boost the program needs. Hopefully you'll be able to broaden the membership base with your youth and energy. You're right we're all Cyclones regardless of age!
    chris, can you get in touch with the athletic department to post a message on iowa state basketball facebook page for Rashon Clark? I think its great that you're helping him out on Cyclone Fanatic, it's a great way to pay him back for his loyalty to iowa state. Someone mentioned the basketball facebook page to get him the votes he needs- i agree.

    Chris, on the scout and rivals sites, they have a drop down menu under recruiting. You can drop to visitors. Do you think you can make something like this so we can see who our visitors are at anytime. Just something that would be handy instead of looking through a bazillion posts.

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