*** Official IOWA STATE VS Baylor Game(Day) Thread ***

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Sep 29, 2011
I had this game marked as a loss pre-season and had us going 8-4. Unfortunately, I also had us beating Iowa, so we’re going to have to not drop another unexpected (from my preseason predictions) and also pick one up from OU, Texas or Kansas State.
I had us at 7 and this game may put us in the 6 win column. We could win 8-9 if they would show up to play an entire game. This 2-3 quarters of underachieving football has surprisingly still been good enough to have an opportunity to win all 4 of our games so far. Texas and Oklahoma will put up 30 if we come out dead before we wake up.
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Oct 20, 2010
They’re not. They barely beat a horribly trash team in Rice...
Yes, if ISU is a first tier team, this should have been a 10 point win. We'll battle Baylor for a middle of the conference spot. Unfortunately, they have the tiebreaker on us.


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Feb 9, 2015
Well, it is now that time. This Iowa state game was frustrating to no end, watching a team that shouldn’t beat us beat us. Lots more to be said, but I’m not going to focus on that. I’m focusing on what’s important right now, and there’s only one thing that matters right now. I’ll never say this again (probably) Ohio State better win by 50 tonight.

Tornado man

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Sep 16, 2007
Ames, IA
Before we totally panic and abandon ship, I find three things to consider.
1. Last season we were 1-3, and those losses didn't look pretty (OK, we were still playing revolving door with qb)
2. We probably had some hangover from last week, where we just started to thread their defense, and now facing a tough defense it was a huge step up in a challenge to meet.
3. The heat today was unbearable and the treatment by Baylor versus ISU was not just unfair, it was potentially a safety issue. Once the field was almost entirely in shadows, our offense came alive.
Several of our O-linemen don't look in very good shape.


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Mar 18, 2006
Houston, TX
Yes and I’m as guilty of being hopeful about Manning as anybody but he hasn’t helped at all. The run play design is still poor and so is the blocking execution. Our RB’s are only average but they have not much to work with. This is especially true when Brock makes terrible reads and keeps the ball for no reason.
Yeah, I think it's more of your last part of the sentence; RBs are decent, but we need Kene healthy because of his speed.


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Jul 27, 2010
Council Bluffs, IA
Eh, played awful and lost to a last second fg. In a game where Baylor had 2 critical fumbles bounce into their hands, literally just standing there on the punt and the ball wedged itself between the guys arm and thigh.

They have a ways to go but are far from the doom and gloom the fragile minds here love to predict.


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Dec 21, 2008
Des Moines
Can't show up that late. Campbell and staff are NOT good in September. Let's hope the good octobers continue and carry into November. At least salvage another 7 or 8 win season.
Their performance going back to the drake game last year has been poor. The outlier is the ULM game.


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Oct 26, 2013
Cedar Rapids
Their performance going back to the drake game last year has been poor. The outlier is the ULM game.
The Kansas State one wasn't exactly good either. Kansas State just made enough mistakes late for us to get back in it and we actually had more than just a QB for offense last year
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Dec 19, 2018
We have lost 2 games by a total of 3 points. What we are not doing is taking the ball away, through 4 games I believe we have TWO turnovers. That is just not enough to make up the difference of lack of playmakers from the running backs.
Today, we needed to get off to a quick start and we did not do that, we also left way too much time on the clock after taking the lead.
We are also still giving up way to many 3rd and long plays to the opposition. Two sacks today, we are getting the QB to move off his spot, but then allowing him to escape and make a play.

We have to get it going next week with TCU, do that, beat WV on the road and we will be fine.


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Oct 18, 2006
Robins, Iowa
Yeah, I’m not understanding where people are getting that. They’re a legit up and coming team with Rhule turning that thing around. Anyone that thinks Baylor sucks isn’t worth paying attention to anyway, because they’re ******* stupid.
Oh Baylor sucks all right. They are not a bad FB team, but they still suck because of the off field stuff that went on for years.