*** Official IOWA STATE vs #4 TCU Game(Day) Thread ***


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Sep 24, 2022
They hammered us in 2014 also, and when we were leaving the stadium, I turned to my sons and said, they might be the best team I have ever seen in person.
It was the committee that screwed TCU that year, they finished that year hammering #9 Ole Miss 42 to 3, only lost to Baylor by one point and still did not make the playoff. That team was good enough to win the whole deal.
The refs screwed them in that game against Baylor to boot. TCU should have been in the playoff


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Nov 15, 2011
...is that on the coaches?

Unless Shaw has completely ignored ball carrying drills that work on keeping the ball tight to the torso and buttoning up at contact...which would lead to a player not being able to play in a program focused on discipline within the game.

That was in a long line of times that ISU's ball carriers have been poor fundamentally.


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Apr 29, 2008
Clive, Iowa
No. And your message board name is hardly true.
Curious, but why?

Do people not notice trends?

And the obvious incompetence that is still there in year 7?

Our only conference win was over a depleted foe that we were only up on 10-7 entering the 4th.

Something happened, because this staff is just awful anymore.