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  • Hey joefrog, I think you may have misinterpreted my post when you gave me rep for it. I was just saying it was pointless because no matter what's said, it won't change some people's minds. Reading back I can see how what I wrote wasn't exactly clear. I actually come down on the opposite side of this debate than you. Not sure if you can take rep back. :)
    I just saw the good rep you left for me. Thanks for doing so. Good luck this weekend against the 'Pokes.
    I told someone at work today that they smelled like pickles just to be random and alleviate some tension!! I absolutely sympathize with you on that one!! :wink: It certainly makes things more fun!
    Just got back from the OB Christmas parade. Not happy to hear the Clones lost. It's on Big Ten right now but I don't think I can bring myself to watch......
    That's great news! I'm going to need rehab to get me off of this site. Anytime anything big goes down i.e. WJ, EIU Scandal, etc. I can't quit. As you know, nobody has ever accused me of being a hard worker but it's seriously starting to impede work performance. I stumble across your posts. Great takes!!! I gotta get some work done. Go Clones!

    What's happening? This website is not good for more work performance. Everytime something major goes down (ie. WJ transferring, etc.) I'm on here 24/7. Hope all is well my friend.

    In Hoc,

    P.Green (1206)
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